Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Urgent Prayer Needed Today to End the Killing of 37+ Million Girls in China

Urgent Prayer Needed Today to End the Killing of 37+ Million Girls in China

Group asks for support in prayer during President Hu Jintao's U.S. Visit

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today, two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Chai Ling and her team at All Girls Allowed (, AGA) are calling faithful followers of Christ around the world to turn to God in fervent prayer for an end to the largest crime in history against the weakest of society.

President Hu Jintao of China is visiting this week for meetings in the White House. At this critical and historic moment for both countries, please pray that both presidents would issue a joint commitment to end gendercide at today's 3pm press conference.

In China, there are at least 37 million more men than women, and that gap is growing each year. The Chinese government reports that 120 boys are born for every 100 girls, resulting in 1.1 million more boys than girls being born each year. The reason? Selective abortion of girls, abandonment of girls and trafficking of girls. This gendercide is waging a war against Chinese girls every day, primarily as a result of the One-Child Policy.

But there is hope! Yesterday, the AGA team saw a significant victory as Chai delivered an inspiring speech addressing President Obama and President Hu, calling them to work together to bring an end to gendercide in China. Read the Yahoo News report along with Chai's speech transcript here:

Join us in prayer as President Obama and President Hu are meeting at this very moment to discuss the topic of human rights. They will host a joint press conference today at 3pm and we are asking God to stir in their hearts to commit to ending gendercide. Says Chai: "We need a multitude of prayer warriors to stand up for the rights of girls and mothers in China. We're praying that both presidents will commit to end gender-selective abortion, end abandonment of girls, end trafficking of girls, and end violence against mothers. It would be a profound legacy for both leaders and would win billions of people's hearts towards both presidents."

The mission of All Girls Allowed is to restore life, value and dignity to girls and mothers, and to reveal the injustice of China's One-Child Policy. More information about AGA and to sign the petition to abolish the One-Child Policy, please visit AGA's website:

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