Friday, January 28, 2011 - Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

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Health worker threatened with sack for sharing abortion views reinstated

Hilary White Fri Jan 28 16:50 EST Abortion

Forrester was suspended just before Christmas after she told colleagues privately that she was worried women were not being given full information on the impact of abortion.

California abortionist who killed woman will surrender his license

John Jalsevac Fri Jan 28 11:31 EST Abortion

30-year-old Ying Chen died from a reaction to anesthesia while undergoing an abortion by Rutland at a dirty San Gabriel acupuncture clinic in August, 2009.

$600,000 awarded to pro-life heroes at ‘perfect’ Life Prizes ceremony

Peter Smith Fri Jan 28 14:53 EST Abortion

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. That was the message of the 2nd Life Prizes Awards ceremony, which presented six pro-life heroes awards totaling $600,000 dollars.

San Diego firefighters victorious in suit against forced participation in gay pride parade

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jan 28 19:12 EST Homosexuality

“As a supervisor I felt disgusted and embarrassed, that I had to subject my crew to this type of behavior," said Fire Capt. John Ghiotto.

Catholic Health Association now supports bill to stop abortion funding in health law

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jan 28 18:56 EST Abortion

While supporting the Protect Life Act, CHA President and CEO Sr. Carol Keehan has continued to insist that the health law in its current form would not fund abortion.

Bill to legalize gay ‘marriage’ introduced in Maryland legislature

Rebecca Millette Fri Jan 28 18:10 EST Homosexuality

The bill seeks to repeal a section of Maryland law that says that “only a marriage between a man and a woman” is valid.

Kansas City archbishop promotes fight against porn

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Jan 28 17:08 EST Faith

“We fail our people if we’re not courageous in preaching about chastity, as well as offering opportunities to help those seeking to live chastely,” Archbishop Naumann said.

CCHD director says he didn’t know political candidate he worked for was pro-abortion

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jan 28 16:39 EST Abortion

Patrick Archibold of Creative Minority Report, who originally uncovered McCloud's relationship with the pro-abortion candidate, says he is dissatisfied with the explanation.

Woman tries to trick husband’s mistress into aborting child

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jan 28 16:04 EST Abortion

Jones was also accused of attempted murder for trying to kill the premature newborn (which survived her first attempt) with poisoned milk.

Arkansas Senate votes to exclude abortion coverage from Obamacare exchanges

Rebecca Millette Fri Jan 28 13:42 EST Abortion

The Arkansas Senate approved a bill yesterday in a 27-8 vote that will ensure no taxpayer dollars go to funding abortions in the state.

Maryland abortionist formally charged for involvement in illegal abortion ring

John Jalsevac Fri Jan 28 11:06 EST Abortion

Last September Riley committed a botched abortion in which she perforated a client's uterus, leaving her severely injured.

Two more gay men sue owner of another UK Christian Bed & Breakfast

Hilary White Fri Jan 28 16:13 EST Homosexuality

Michael Black, 63, and John Morgan, 58, are claiming sexual discrimination after they were turned away from the Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berkshire, last March.

Fighting Planned Parenthood: the author of the TooManyAborted campaign, in his own words

Peter Smith Fri Jan 28 18:33 EST Culture of Life

Ryan Bomberger is a black pro-life leader, who, with his wife Bethany, has set his sights on exposing an organization he would probably call “Enemy Number One” of the Black community: Planned Parenthood.

The horror of abortion

Chuck Colson Fri Jan 28 19:53 EST Opinion

Two recent news stories shocked pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike. In a sad way, that’s good news.

Some March for Life fun facts and a few thoughts on media blackouts

Hilary White Fri Jan 28 15:32 EST Opinion

Hands up everyone who went to the March for Life this year. (All those still waiting to get out of DC-area airports can just whimper weakly.)

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