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Post-abortive mothers share stories of grief, redemption on Supreme Court steps

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jan 26 12:30 EST Abortion

"All that remained was the guilt and shame, shreds of the person I had been before the abortions. Abortion is not a choice. For me it was a prison," said one mother.

‘Scores’ of victims of ‘House of Horrors’ abortionist tell of forced abortions, lifelong injuries

Patrick B. Craine Wed Jan 26 15:01 EST Abortion

"When I said no, the doctor got upset and he ended up taking my clothes off, hitting me, my legs were tied to the stirrups," said one victim.

Texas gov. declares sonogram-before-abortions bill a legislative ‘emergency’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jan 26 13:24 EST Abortion

Gov. Perry's decision to fast track the legislation was announced at a speech before the Texas Rally for Life, held on Saturday in Austin, the state capital.

Democrat Rep. Lipinksi: there was ‘never any question’ of supporting pro-abort health bill

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jan 26 17:59 EST Abortion

"It was very difficult for me, what I went through with the health care bill. But there was never any question for me what I was going to do," Lipinski said.

Rescuing women trapped into abortion is ‘real social justice’ say pro-life youth leaders

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jan 26 17:10 EST Abortion

"Being pro-life should be at the very top of the social justice list," said Students for Life Executive Director Kristan Hawkins.

Outspoken pro-life Bishop Vasa named new bishop for Santa Rosa

Rebecca Millette Wed Jan 26 15:03 EST Faith

The bishop is well known not only for his strong pro-life stance, but also for demanding that Catholics uphold moral standards in all areas of public life.

Pro-life texting campaign launched at Life Marches

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jan 26 14:50 EST Abortion

Mobile billboards and crowd ambassadors encouraged the pro-life march participants in California and Washington D.C. to text opinions about abortion as part of the nationwide poll.


400,000 March for Life in DC with great joy

John-Henry Westen Wed Jan 26 13:03 EST Abortion

The massive crowd, notably larger than last year's record crowd and composed of a clear majority of youth under age 25, seemed more jubilant than ever in their celebration of life.

March for Life podium

Evangelicals disappointed at lack of Catholic leadership on homosexuality push in Ontario schools

Patrick B. Craine Wed Jan 26 09:55 EST Faith

"It seems to me that [the Roman Catholic Church] is being co-opted before our very eyes," said Royal Hamel, an Evangelical minister.


Belgian doctors harvesting organs from disabled euthanasia donors

Rebecca Millette Wed Jan 26 17:38 EST Euthanasia

“I can think of few more dangerous activities then to convince people with disabilities ... that their deaths have greater value than their lives," responded bioethicist Wesley Smith.


Irish opposition leader promises to legalize abortion on demand

Hilary White Wed Jan 26 14:31 EST Abortion

One pro-life leader said that Gilmore's pro-abortion statements may be a good thing, as they have brought the issue of abortion to the forefront in the leadup to the expect election.


Texas governor Rick Perry gives stirring speech at Texas Rally for Life

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jan 26 16:19 EST Culture of Life

"We can't afford to give up the good fight, until the day that Roe vs Wade is nothing more than a shameful booknote and footnote in our nation's history," he said.


‘Now it is the other way around’ — the moral revolution in full view

Albert Mohler                                   Wed Jan 26 18:31 EST Opinion

The breathtaking pace of the moral revolution now transforming Western cultures staggers belief.

Imagine if we had the courage of this bishop who opposed the Third Reich

Chuck Colson                                   Wed Jan 26 18:10 EST Opinion

Whether facing a vicious dictatorship or merely a hostile culture, defending life takes courage.

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