Saturday, February 2, 2013

LifeSiteNews - Saturday Feb 2 2013

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Today's blog posts:

Chen Guangcheng exposes China’s massive one-child industry - Chris Gacek

The truth about liars - Alissa Golob

StatsCan confirms again: 491 babies who died after failed abortions were *born alive* - Patrick B. Craine

EWTN vows to continue lawsuit against HHS mandate despite revisions

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 16:33 EST Abortion

The country’s largest Catholic broadcaster has added its voice to the chorus opposing the revisions.

‘Phony compromise’: conservative, pro-life leaders slam HHS mandate revisions as ‘unacceptable’

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 12:30 EST Abortion

“Once again, President Obama’s so-called ‘compromise’ is unacceptable – religious and moral freedom is not up for negotiation,” said Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

Obama admin releases revised rules for HHS mandate: met with skepticism

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 12:16 EST Abortion

The new rules are drawing a mixed reaction: welcomed by one Catholic leader, welcomed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and denounced by pro-life and other conservative groups.

A wrap up of the Great Washington Brrr March for Life

Steve Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 22:34 EST Commentary

It was cold and then it got colder and then snowy as the march progressed, but spirits were warm. The LifeSiteNews team in Washington did a fabulous job as you can see from the list of 17 original reports listed here written by team members who were right there at many of the events. It was a grand experience. See video.

At the Rose Dinner here is the LifeSiteNews team that covere

Prime Minister Stephen Harper a ‘nice’ man who accepts 491 murders of born alive babies?

Steve Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 13:17 EST Commentary

Harper's latest revelation of his attitude towards the heinous crime of infanticide is similar to that of Barack Obama, a not so "nice" person who four times voted against legislation to protect children born alive after failed abortions.

Liberal Cardinal Mahony ‘finally’ disciplined for protecting predator priests

Steve Jalsevac Fri Feb 01 23:34 EST Abortion

Archbishop Jose Gomez publicly censured Cardinal Mahony who retired after 25 years of being Cardinal Archbishop of the city in 2011. Catholic author and journalist Philip Lawler stated "it’s awfully healthy" that "one bishop made a public fraternal correction on another, which has not happened before".

New HHS accommodation only ‘pretends to protect’ a select few, solves nothing: AUL legal assessment

Ben Johnson Fri Feb 01 18:19 EST Abortion

Bible publisher Tyndale and family run businesses like Hobby Lobby will absolutely not be afforded any conscience protection.

Singer Beyoncé Knowles says loss of unborn child 'saddest thing I’ve ever been through'

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Feb 01 16:03 EST Family

"There's no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you, so of course you want to scream it out and tell everyone," the troubled singer said.

Beyonce, showcasing her baby bump.

To end abortion, fix sexuality: George Mason professor

Ben Johnson Fri Feb 01 15:53 EST Abortion

The pro-life movement has overlooked “the demand-side of abortion” – the hook-up culture that often leads to unintended pregnancies too often aborted, says Helen Alvaré.

Helen Alvaré.

Your mom's feminism may just be the cause of your unhappiness

John-Henry Westen Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Faith

“The feminism that the church offers goes with the natural order of things," and "makes us happier because we are who we are supposed to be,” Tomeo told

Teresa Tomeo

Facing closure, Mississippi's last abortion facility paints building hot pink in protest

Kirsten Andersen Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Abortion

“It’s a woman’s color,” facility owner Diane Derzis said.

Vancouver Archbishop defends proposed Protestant law school against attacks by gay activists

Patrick B. Craine Fri Feb 01 14:26 EST Faith

Archbishop Michael Miller says the attack on Trinity Western University is "an example of the threats to freedom of conscience and religion that are becoming increasingly common in this country."

Canadian MP corrects media for falsely reporting call to investigate 491 suspected infanticides

Patrick B. Craine Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Abortion

Both The Canadian Press and CBC charged that the MPs were asking the RCMP to investigate “some abortions as homicides.”

From their own mouths, Pt 1: LGBT Lobby plans to 'wholly transform the definition of family'

Hilary White Fri Feb 01 19:52 EST Family

Part 1 of 3.

Paul Ettelbrick.

Mother’s world falls apart after Planned Parenthood hides humanity of her child

Rita Diller Fri Feb 01 18:24 EST Opinion

A distraught mother of an aborted baby says Planned Parenthood lied about her age, and about showing her an ultrasound of her baby.

Poland votes against same-sex unions, while Russia defends the family

J.C. von Krempach, J.D. Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Family

The Plish Sejm (Parliament) voted against three different proposal to create a legal statute for homosexual partnerships.

Russian sign reading:

Interview with the nurse who discovered babies being born alive after failed abortions

Cassy Fiano Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Opinion

Jill Stanek is now considered by many to be the most influential pro-life blogger on the internet.

So what if abortion ends a life? Rare candor from the culture of death

Albert Mohler Fri Feb 01 10:00 EST Abortion

Read it and weep.

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