Thursday, June 13, 2013

From CMMB: The best start in life

CMMB Volunteers Need You!

I recently wrote to you about one of our volunteers, Laura, working in Huancayo, Peru. Laura sees the obstacles expectant mothers and young children face every day in the developing world. Having limited access to healthy food, vitamins and medicines during pregnancy endangers the health of a growing baby. And once the baby is born, malnutrition can limit that precious new life, leading to stunted intellectual and physical growth. With your help, CMMB Medical Volunteers continue to care for mothers and children, right from the start!  To address these needs we began a new program called Los Primeros Mil Dias – “the first 1,000 days” – to ensure children are given the best start in life. We start counting those 1,000 days at conception and follow the children through to their second birthday. We monitor the height and weight of children suffering from chronic malnutrition. We provide medicine, supplements and meals whenever we can, to make sure they have a chance at achieving their full potential.
Programs like Los Primeros Mil Dias and our Medical Volunteer Program serve a desperate need. But we need your support to ensure this vital work continues, and more lives are saved.
Thank you for all the good that you do.

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Bruce Wilkinson
President & CEO
Catholic Medical Mission Board