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Lifeissues Newsletter #634 clear thinking about crucial issues
Dear Friends for Life,

Planned Parenthood and domestic abuse: There is a common thread that binds Planned Parenthood with sexual and domestic abuse. That thread is total lack of respect for the wholeness, wonder, and sacred mystery of human sexuality and of the human person. STOPP featured an article that caused a firestorm among Planned Parenthood supporters because it implicated Planned Parenthood in teaching young people how to put on makeup to cover abuse.

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A former abortionist implores the Church to stop abortion: For many of us, our testing ground has been and continues to be Planned Parenthood. It is here that we are daily challenged with the brutal reality that the consequence of sin is death. We witness with all our senses the wrath of hell manifested in the vitriolic attacks by abortion workers unleashed on us - and much worse, on the tiny, innocent babies they kill and throw in the trash.

But by God's grace, in the midst of all that spiritual turmoil and killing, it is very common for abortion workers to walk away from Planned Parenthood once the Church comes to the sidewalk. Those of us who have been active in pro-life work for decades can point to many who have walked away because of our presence on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood.

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God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) "When we do not profess Jesus Christ, the saying of Léon Bloy comes to mind: "Anyone who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil." When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness." - Pope Francis.

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**************************************** Newsletter #634
June 30, 2013

1. US Supreme Court overturns gay marriage provision
2. On the Dignity of Human Life
3. Looking at the Bottom Line on Marriage
4. From Gay Sex to Marriage Equality
5. ...or How I stop worrying and learned to love the (Demographic) Bomb, NOT!
6. Quebec euthanasia bill blasted for enshrining 'power to kill'
7. Men having sex with men at far greater risk for cancer, STDs, infections: Systematic review
8. Is 'mercy-killing' really merciful?
9. The Worldwide Advance of the Gay Agenda, And What We Can Do About It
10. The Ancient Christian Wisdom on Marriage
11. Contemplative Fatherhood
12. Fathers Hidden and Revealed

(Abortion): "NEW Investigative Video! Putting A Face On Abortion"Every human being is unique and precious from the moment of conception. But abortionists will not give even these babies - 24 weeks, 27 weeks, viable, capable of surviving outside the womb - the dignity of humanity. So we want to put the question in every American's head: if not even these babies are worthy of humanity in the abortionist's eyes, then what is human? What does "human" even mean? Please watch and share our video. Americans need to know the atrocious acts being committed against our pre-born brothers and sisters - to people, entitled to the right to life - across the country.


ITEM #1: US Supreme Court overturns gay marriage provision

The US Supreme Court has struck down a law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman only, in a landmark ruling.


ITEM #2: On the Dignity of Human Life

When one re-reads Blessed Pope John Paul II's encyclical on life, he needs to keep these statistics in mind: Since 1980, some 1,295,830,000 abortions were performed throughout the world. That is about one-seventh of the present world population. In this context, the famous phrase, "I feel lucky just to be alive!" takes on new meaning. The number of abortions per year in the world is between forty and fifty million. That is, in six or seven years, we kill roughly the population of the United States. Since Roe v. Wade (1973), some 56 million abortions took place in America.

ITEM #3:  Looking at the Bottom Line on Marriage

There are those who attack traditional marriage and say this sacred institution should no longer be defined in terms of the procreation of the human race and the mutual love and support of a man and a woman. Such advocates of "redefining" marriage fail to understand that we do so at great risk.


ITEM #4: From Gay Sex to Marriage Equality

When I was growing up (I'm almost 50 years old now), there were few more hurtful and shameful insults that could be hurled at oneself than "gay" or "homo." Moreover, the visceral reaction against homosexuality was so strong at the time, the thought that the terms "gay" and "marriage" would be used in the same sentence would have seemed preposterous - even to many people with a same-sex attraction.

ITEM #5: ...or How I stop worrying and learned to love the (Demographic) Bomb, NOT!

A stranger came into the sacristy after Sunday Mass. In an incriminating huff he said, "I have been away from the area for fifteen years; where are the people? And now you are tearing down the school? I went there as a kid." I put my hands up to quiet him from further talking and I calmly said, "Let me ask you a question: How many kids did you have?" He said, "Two." Then I said, "So did everyone else. When you only have two kids per family there is no growth." His demeanor changed, and then he dropped his head and said, "And they aren't even going to Mass anymore."
ITEM #6: Quebec euthanasia bill blasted for enshrining 'power to kill'
The bill would allow a doctor to administer fatal drugs to a mentally sound patient who repeatedly gives written consent, CBC News reports. Two physicians would have to approve a suicide request.


ITEM #7 Men having sex with men at far greater risk for cancer, STDs, infections: Systematic review
As the homosexual movement makes gains in public opinion and politics, the dissenting voice of science continues to unearth health problem after health problem associated with gay sexual behavior.

ITEM #8: Is 'mercy-killing' really merciful?

In a society where murder of the pre-born (and infanticide) is widely accepted, it is tragically unsurprising that the next step, child euthanasia, may soon take hold in a new way. This sad news comes out of the country of Belgium, where legislators are likely to approve a measure that will allow children who are "gravely ill" to be euthanized.

ITEM #9: The Worldwide Advance of the Gay Agenda, And What We Can Do About It

The culture of life must fight back on all fronts, including law, news coverage, and professional organizations.


ITEM #10: The Ancient Christian Wisdom on Marriage

Have you ever heard comments like these? "People oppose gay marriage only for religious reasons, because there really aren't any rational non-religious reasons to oppose gay marriage." "You are fighting for a lost cause. Marriage was lost a long time ago." And finally, how about this one, "It is time to throw in the towel, and accept the inevitable."
ITEM #11: Contemplative Fatherhood
By demoting fatherhood's centrality in our public philosophy, we demote in turn the deepest and most formative essence of fatherhood - one that personifies the capacity of humans to form deep and lasting bonds on the basis of human reflexivity, particularly embodied reason and faith.
**************************************** ITEM #12: Fathers Hidden and Revealed
Patrick Deneen has written beautifully about the obviousness of motherhood, and the hiddenness of fatherhood. He observes a distinction between becoming a biological and an ontological father - both are acts, as he puts it, of "embodied faith and embodied reason." What a fecund observation to help us contemplate fatherhood.



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