Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First Belgian child euthanized, slippery slope morphs into cliff

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The Church of America
By Don DeMarco, Ph.D.   

Hillary's pretensions, however, are far wider than those of Henry VIII. Henry merely wanted the Church to permit him to divorce so that he could remarry and have, he hoped, a male heir. Hillary wants America to separate itself not only from religion, but also from science, reason, and a knowledge of history. It is science and reason that tells us that abortion is the killing of a human being. The Catholic Church affirms, but does not invent this. Hillary, therefore, makes herself an enemy of science and reason. 
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The world recently witnessed the canonization of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a holy woman who truly exemplifies what it means to by "moved by mercy". Her witness of hands-on caring for those most unwanted and unloved by society speaks volumes, and it challenges us to allow the Lord to use us as His instruments in caring for the most vulnerable and those who have no voice.
Such an "edict" of the Holy Father was interpreted to be cruel and unusual punishment for the ordinary Catholic who could not afford more than two or three children. Couples subjectively found themselves in an impossible situation and since God does not demand the impossible, this ruling of the Pope was deemed not obligatory, except for the heroic person.

With these examples of non-terminal patients choosing death, and-startlingly-of children having death chosen for them, the protections around human life appear near to non-existent. Admittedly, the suffering involved is severe enough to give us pause, but as the slope of preferring death to life becomes steeper, I worry that the philosophical grounds undergirding these cases create more of cliff than a slope, a cliff that actually has no basis for affirming the value of life at all.
October 11, 2016


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