Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ALL Pro-Life Today: Pray and Fast for Our Bishops

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Pray and fast for our bishops
By Rey Flores
In Saint Catherine of Siena's Dialog, she tells us how God the Father communicated to her the importance of praying for our bishops: "You should love them therefore by reason of the virtue and dignity of the sacrament, and by reason of that very virtue and dignity you should hate the defects of those who live miserably in sin, but not on that account appoint yourselves their judges, which I forbid, because they are My Christs, and you ought to love and reverence the authority which I have given them." We take these words to heart as we at American Life League begin our Pray and Fast for the Bishops campaign. Because our priests and bishops face an increasing assault, not only on our Church, but on their own souls, we intend to storm the gates of heaven with our mortification and prayers.

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Planned Parenthood client swerves at teen after monthly protest in Aurora, IL
Pro-Life Action League
A crowd of over 50 pro-lifers gathered on a cold, windy winter morning last Saturday to protest Planned Parenthood's "Abortion Fortress" in Aurora, Illinois as they have every third Saturday for over five years now. Among them was a group from Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) in nearby Arlington Heights, Illinois. Shortly after the protest wrapped up, as the girls were still distributing literature near the Planned Parenthood, a client left Planned Parenthood's lot and accelerated and swerved towards one of the girls, Hannah M., coming within a foot of hitting her.

Botched abortion charges against unsanitary facility owner thrown out by his former mentor
The former owner of the unlicensed Muskegon abortion clinic shut down by authorities late last year for its unsanitary conditions has gone into hiding. Now, the Michigan Board of Medicine is facing hard questions from state legislators after a local news channel uncovered evidence that the board chairman used his position to shelter the abortionist from an investigation into a botched abortion in 2009 despite having an alleged conflict of interest. State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, a former member of the Board of Medicine who sits on the state Senate Health Policy Committee, is demanding a hearing to investigate why Dr. George Shade was permitted to make a ruling clearing the abortionist of any wrongdoing, considering his past close relationship with the accused, Dr. Robert Alexander.

Canadian fertility company charged with multiple counts of illegal activity
Leia Picard, CEO of Canadian Fertility Consultants which operated in the small southern Ontario town of Brighton, is charged with 19 
counts of buying or offering to buy human sperm or eggs, buying or offering to 
buy the services of surrogate mothers, and taking money to arrange those services, according to a report by the National Post. Picard and her company 
are also charged with eight counts of forgery, according to RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Cathie Glenn. The Assisted Human Reproduction Act states that buying or selling sperm, eggs, embryos, or the services of surrogate mothers in Canada is 
a criminal offence.