Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LifeSiteNews Updates - Tuesday Feb 19 2013


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Today's LifeSiteNews blogpost:

Should Pro-Lifers Be Held Accountable for Single-Parent Families?  - Michael New

Botched abortion charges against unsanitary facility owner thrown out by his former mentor

Kirsten Andersen Tue Feb 19 20:58 EST Abortion

A state senator demands an investigation into why someone with such a close relationship could give Dr. Robert Alexander the chance to hurt women again.

Alexander's closed clinic in Muskegon, Michigan.

(Video) Howard Dean: Pro-life women who support contraception elected pro-abortion Democrats

Ben Johnson Tue Feb 19 15:53 EST Contraception

The former Democratic National Committee chair added that abstinence education was created by “men who don't know anything of how sex works.”

Massachusetts forces schools to let 'transgender' boys use girls' restrooms, lockers

Kirsten Andersen Tue Feb 19 14:37 EST Freedom

“The directive is clear that there is to be no tolerance for students who become uncomfortable or upset" at having a member of the opposite sex in the classroom, or the restroom, a family advocate told LSN.

Judge rules that Texas teen can keep her baby in forced abortion case

Kirsten Andersen Tue Feb 19 11:34 EST Abortion

The 16-year-old claimed that her parents and grandparents conspired to slip her an abortion-inducing drug.

Canadian fertility company charged with multiple counts of illegal activity

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Feb 19 16:01 EST Bioethics

The Ontario shop has been charged with 19 counts of buying or offering to buy human sperm or eggs, and buying the services of surrogate mothers.

Leila Picard.

New report calls upon Canadians to have more kids or face economic disaster

Peter Baklinski Tue Feb 19 11:58 EST Population Control

A Baby Boomer-fueled population bust lies ahead, according to a report released on Friday by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

UK pushes to outlaw reparative therapy ahead of gay 'marriage' vote

Hilary White Tue Feb 19 19:04 EST Freedom

Dr. Michael Davidson, a therapist whose credentials are under threat for offering therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, said such a ban denies clients freedom.

Germany missed the chance to rise to the level of German Pope

Laura Freeburn Tue Feb 19 17:17 EST Faith

If there is a man who fulfils the duty he recognizes as God's will, then it is Josef Ratzinger.

Pope Benedict with his brother, George Ratzinger.

Anti-euthanasia activists launch European coalition in ‘historic’ meeting in Rome

John Jalsevac Tue Feb 19 13:53 EST Euthanasia

Their goal? Simply to promote “care, not killing,” said Alex Schadenberg, the Chairman of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International, the organizer of the meeting.

Dr. Evelyn Billings, world-renowned pioneer of natural fertility regulation, dies at 95

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Feb 19 11:41 EST Contraception

"In China alone, where they trained thousands to teach their Method, a substantial drop in the abortion rate has been attributed to their work," an associate said.

Dr. Lyn Billings.

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