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LifeSiteNews Updates - Tuesday Feb 26 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Today we publish a summary article and then the more useful full text of an incredible document about the entire homosexual problem in the Catholic Church that has recently exploded into the media.

Folks, this is something you MUST read - the full document, that is. We have every good reason to tell you that what is written in this document is very likely all true.

Yes, it is long, but it tells a tale that needs to be told, explaining many puzzling things have been going on for decades. We have never read anything that presents so well and so fully, in relatively few pages, the whole tale of how non-celibate homosexuals entered the Catholic clergy, stayed there for many years, rose to high or other influential positions in the Church, been by far the main cause of the sexual abuses and been extremely difficult to remove by Popes, faithful bishops, priests and laity. It also explains what can and must be done to finally rid the Church of this "filth" that Pope Benedict has been heroically tackling for many years as the former head of the CDF and especially during his years as Pope. It also gives you an opportunity to help the numerous suffering good priests, bishops and cardinals who have had to endure this corruption in the church. They need your help because no one before would believe what they have had to suffer over this and how nearly impossible it has been for clergy to do much about it.

PLEASE print the document and take all the time you need to sit back, put up your feet and carefully read this historical, very timely and critically needed report. There is no doubt it will have an influence on the conclave to elect the new pope.

Also, please keep in mind our invitation to readers to send us news tips. We really appreciate it when you do this and we take them very seriously.

Steve Jalsevac

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Day 13 of 40 Days for Life, and already 142 babies saved (that we know of)! - Shawn Carney - 40 Days for Life

Taxpayer funded IVF for gay couples is simply the next logical step - Taxpayer funded IVF for gay couples is simply the next logical step - Peter Saunders

Should children and incompetent persons be euthanized in Belgium? - Alex Schadenberg

Catholic expert details 'Huge homosexual underground in the Church'

John-Henry Westen Tue Feb 26 18:29 EST Faith

Fr. Daariusz Oko, Ph.D., says many priests and bishops are “afraid of some influential lobby, which wields its power and which they may fall into disfavor with.”

Obama administration: Homosexuals cannot change their sexual orientation

Ben Johnson Tue Feb 26 17:49 EST Family

Sexual conversion therapy is “generally futile and potentially dangerous to an individual's well-being,” according to the administration's amicus brief opposing DOMA.

Obama administration to federal judge: We can force your wife to violate her religion

Joe Carter Tue Feb 26 15:42 EST Abortion

In reference to the judge's concerns, the government lawyer says, “I actually don’t think [a concern about the First Amendment] is that important.”

Join and others to demand LeRoy Carhart's medical license be revoked

Ben Johnson Tue Feb 26 20:28 EST Abortion

A 29-year-old died after a botched abortion at his Maryland clinic on February 27.

Obama to Supreme Court: Denying homosexuals special rights, quotas is 'discrimination'

Ben Johnson Tue Feb 26 18:54 EST Freedom

The fact that the liberal agenda is unpopular with American voters proves gays and lesbians are powerless and persecuted, the administration argues in its brief opposing DOMA.

Fmr Obama Treasury Dept advisor advocates death panels on Sunday talk show

Wesley J. Smith Tue Feb 26 10:47 EST Euthanasia

"These are really tough moral questions for the country, but we are going to have to deal with them," said Steve Rattner.

Steve Rattner on

Obama places minority status, federal benefits at heart of anti-DOMA brief

Ben Johnson Tue Feb 26 10:00 EST Homosexuality

"Gay and lesbian people are a minority group with limited political power," the Obama administration's 54-brief urging the overturn of DOMA read.

Edinburgh cardinal bows out of conclave after unspecified, anonymous accusations

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Feb 26 21:45 EST Family

A source associated with the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children told LSN Sunday night that it is widely believed in pro-life circles in Britain that the sudden appearance of 20 year-old allegations against O’Brien is “entirely too convenient”.

A brilliant teacher steps down from the papacy

Judie Brown Tue Feb 26 15:49 EST Opinion

As we thank God for Pope Benedict XVI’s holy example, let us pray that the Lord will be with the cardinals during their time of decision.

Women who keep their disabled babies face coercion, discrimination and disdain

Peter Saunders Tue Feb 26 14:36 EST Opinion

There is a huge amount of subtle or direct pressure placed on parents who decided not to abort their disabled babies.

Standing for life: is your student ready?

John Stonestreet Tue Feb 26 14:02 EST Opinion

A new generation of pro-lifers is preparing to make their case. Are your kids ready to stand for life?

Raising the Neanderthals: scientism and playing God

Eric Metaxas Tue Feb 26 13:48 EST Opinion

Can you imagine a little old lady peeking into a baby stroller, smiling, and saying, “My, what a cute little Neanderthal you have there.” Well, one geneticist can.

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