Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An unmatched new danger to children...

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NY to Pass Nation's Worst Abortion Bill

It's the worst abortion law EVER to be posed,

even worse than Roe v. Wade!

...And New York Governor Cuomo promised to pass it!

Innocent babies have never needed your help more!

Dear EMC FrontLine Supporter,

Imagine a world where a teenager who is perfectly healthy and nine months pregnant ...

...can walk into an unregulated abortion facility without her parent's prior knowledge or consent,

... have her innocent unborn baby brutally killed by an unlicensed abortionist,

...and she doesn't pay a dime-her parents' health insurance covers it.

Not only that, but the local Catholic hospital is now fined or shut down, and the medical practitioners who worked there are stripped of their licenses because they refused to perform such abortions!

...And not only that, but agencies like our life-saving EMC-Frontline Pregnancy Centers would be outlawed as "discriminatory" for favoring childbirth over abortion!

Could this ever happen? Oh yes, and sooner than you might think.

Please join us in fighting this bill with a gift by credit card or via payPal right now.

This is the nightmarish world of "all abortion all the time" medicine that Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced he will push through in the coming weeks.

He has put his full weight behind the "Reproductive Health Act", which is by far THE most radical pro-abortion legislation ever to hit a state government, anywhere in the country.

I'm not exaggerating about what this law will do. I wish I were.

Right now the state of New York limits abortion on demand to babies younger than 24 weeks.

But that protection-and so much more-will come screeching to a halt if this evil bill, much like the one introduced by pro-abort Governor Eliot Spitzer in 2007, gets passed.

Even in a state like New York with twice the abortion rate of the national average, this law is guaranteed to make abortions more common, and more dangerous for child AND mother, as it's possible for them to be. The sickening Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell who goes on trial for murder next week, and Leroy Carhart, who just killed a 29 year old NY woman and her 33 week unborn child, in a botched abortion, would be free and clear under a law like this.

The Supreme Court interpreted Roe v. Wade to allow some restrictions on abortion. But we're now looking at a no-holds-barred, all-out attack against the unborn because this law:

Could mandate abortion coverage in all insurance plans.

Could compel Catholic charities and schools to counsel and refer for abortion.

Could compel Catholic hospitals, to allow abortions on their premises.

Lifts the current age restriction on the purchase of the so-called "morning-afte pill" at neighborhood drug stores, allowing girls as young as 11to get the drugs without a doctor's prescription or a parent's knowledge.

***Makes abortion immune to all common-sense prudent regulations: parental notice for minors' abortions, restrictions on taxpayer funding, informed consent or a waiting period for pregnant women.

By repealing the requirement in current law that only a licensed physician may perform an abortion, it endangers women's lives.

Removes from the penal code criminal liability for the physician should the woman die of abortion malpractice.

Would endanger maternity and prenatal care programs, which could be ruled "discriminatory" for favoring childbirth over abortion (another attack on our outreaches at EMC-Frontline Pregnancy Centers, which provide prenatal care).

If this law passes, we can expect the worst of the butchers, the late-term abortionists, to start setting up shop all over our city (already the "Abortion Capital of America") to destroy even viable, fully formed babies. And-if you can believe it-face no risks of criminal penalty, even if the mothers were to die!

I dread to see what things will look like here if this law passes. It makes my blood run cold. As bad as it is already-and it is very bad-our city quickly could get much worse.

What you can do today to stop this abortion Armageddon!

I'm asking you, pro-life friend, to please, please help us keep speaking love into the face of the culture of death here in the Abortion Capital of America. We urgently need your help to fight this devastating Reproductive Health Act, so please visit the New York Catholic Conference website and take action to keep this from being passed into law:


And just as critically, I promise to use your most generous and sacrificial donation today to fight this bill and to strengthen our strategically located baby saving programs here. I urgently need you to pray and ask God to help us keep our centers open and strengthen them. Please donate here now.


No gift is too small, and no gift is too large! Every donation is needed and put immediately to use to do one thing: to save more babies and to rally against this outrageous threat to Life.

Please send in your most generous donation for this work. These innocent children of God and their moms need us to protect them from this law and the evil of all-out abortion.

Yours for Life on the FrontLines,


Chris Slattery, Founder and President
Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers

P.S. It is critically urgent that you send us your support now so we can fight this worst abortion law ever proposed in the USA. This law would result in the deaths of so many more children and mothers and even turn NY into a major draw for late term abortions worldwide!
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