Thursday, February 21, 2013

LifeSiteNews Updates - Thursday Feb 21 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Today's LifeSiteNews Blog posts:

Abortion-minded mom chooses life, returns to thank pro-lifers - Jill Stanek

Black marriage matters - Anthony Bradley

Michigan abortionist: 'It’s too late for me, I’m possessed'

Kirsten Andersen Thu Feb 21 19:15 EST Abortion has obtained 17 pages of notarized affidavits alleging of Dr. Robert Alexander broke a panoply of state laws running two abortion businesses -- and his former mentor dismissed the claims out-of-hand.

Disgraced Michigan abortionist hired by Detroit Department of Public Health, now works at STD clinic

Kirsten Andersen Thu Feb 21 15:45 EST Abortion

Robert Alexander, the abortionist whose unsanitary Muskegon clinic was shut down as a threat to public health in December, is now working at a public STD clinic in Detroit.

40-year-old woman sues Planned Parenthood over forced, botched abortion performed without anesthesia

Alliance Defending Freedom Thu Feb 21 14:54 EST Abortion

The Alliance Defending Freedom says Ayanna Byer changed her mind, but the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood went forward, anyway.

The value of reader News Tips given to LifeSiteNews

Steve Jalsevac Thu Feb 21 20:29 EST Commentary

Do you have important, verifiable information or a solid lead on such information related to issues that LifeSiteNews covers? If you do, we strongly urge you to contact us, as many have done in the past and been very satisfied afterwards that they did so.

Formal complaint filed with Maryland medical board over Carhart patient's death

Operation Rescue staff Thu Feb 21 11:23 EST Abortion

The complaint documents 13 alleged violations of the Maryland Medical Practice Act and one violation of a criminal statute related to Second Degree Murder.

LeRoy Carhart, left, stands accused.

University of Regina joins growing ranks of schools installing 'gender neutral' restrooms

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Feb 21 18:20 EST Homosexuality

"We will also have a hilarious 'how to guide' available shortly,"promised the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity.

Quebec physicians rise up en masse against proposed euthanasia law

Peter Baklinski Thu Feb 21 17:29 EST Euthanasia

“Euthanasia through lethal injection is not a form of care, but rather the definitive end of all care,” said Dr. Patrick Vinay.

UN commission reinforces role of family for development

Stefano Gennarini, J.D. Thu Feb 21 16:29 EST Family

A new resolution calls on nations to take “concerted actions to strengthen family-centered policies and programs.”

The flag of the UN Commission on Social Development.

Guttmacher uses faulty data to push abortion in Uganda

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Thu Feb 21 15:57 EST Abortion

The Guttmacher Institute’s interest in Uganda may have more to do with population control than helping its citizens achieve the outcomes they want.

Dear pro-lifer: Is there any way to prove that contraception is wrong?

Peter Baklinski Thu Feb 21 15:01 EST Contraception

With contraception, the sexual act suddenly loses its deeply personal meaning.

Head Start: Reporters need to ask the White House the obvious question

Jason Richwine Thu Feb 21 14:46 EST Family

Why increase funding for a program that doesn’t work?

LSN's Matthew Hoffman speaks on culture of death at Brazilian Evangelical conference Thu Feb 21 12:44 EST Homosexuality

His talk on the destructiveness of the "gay" ideology made front page news and earned him significant radio coverage.

Leading Brazilian homosexual denounces LSN reporter Matthew Hoffman as a 'son of disgrace' Thu Feb 21 12:44 EST Homosexuality

Gay activist was incensed by Hoffman's talk, "The Homosexual Movement: Ideologies, Strategies, and Goals."

Matthew Hoffman speaks on Panoramica Radio.

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