Saturday, February 16, 2013

LifeSiteNews- Friday Feb 15 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

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Iceland is considering banning porn. I have to admit, that looks like a breath of fresh air return to sanity for one Western nation. I hope they follow through as an example to all other nations.

Steve Jalsevac

Today's blog post:

Pope Benedict and the art of fencing - Hilary White, Rome Correspondent

Wash Post: Concern over woman killed in abortion an 'illegal violation of her privacy'

Ben Johnson Fri Feb 15 21:08 EST Abortion

“If there is a violation of HIPAA laws, hospital officials investigate and discipline” pro-life groups protesting the death who found out her identity, wrote Petula Dvorak in The Washington Post.

Illinois Senate passed marriage redefinition bill; 'Catholic' governor promises to sign it

Kirsten Andersen Fri Feb 15 16:40 EST Homosexuality

Bishop Daniel Jenky of the Peoria Catholic Diocese has planned a “lobby day” in Springfield next Wednesday to oppose the measure in the House.

Gov. Pat Quinn

Radical NY abortion bill could close Catholic hospitals, Church warns

Kirsten Andersen Fri Feb 15 13:18 EST Abortion

A provision of the law could “permit state regulators to require support for abortion from any agency or institution licensed or funded by the state.”

Candlelight vigil Sunday will memorialize mom and baby who died from abortion

Operation Rescue staff Fri Feb 15 20:42 EST Abortion

Jennifer Morbelli and her daughter, Madison Leigh, died last week after a late-term abortion,

Jennifer Leigh Morbelli.

Valentine’s Day treat: Continued marriage tax penalties

Ben Johnson Fri Feb 15 19:03 EST Family

Because of its profound effect on children, protecting and defending marriage truly matters to wise public policy.

Nearly one-quarter of all smartphone malware comes from porn sites

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 15 14:57 EST Family

Mobile users tempted to visit pornographic websites on their smartphones have another reason to think twice before clicking on the link: they could find their phones infected with malware.

Report shows growing use of morning-after pill, does not report dangers

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Feb 15 14:29 EST Abortion

"Even proponents of so-called ‘emergency contraception’ are acknowledging that ‘increased use [of Plan B] has not reduced rates of unintended pregnancies,’" said an attorney at Americans United for Life.

One-in-three Americans has a sexually transmitted infection: CDC report

Kirsten Andersen Fri Feb 15 12:24 EST Family

Some 20 million new cases are diagnosed each year, costing taxpayers approximately $16 billion.

Birmingham abortion facility again denied license to reopen

Operation Rescue staff Fri Feb 15 12:09 EST Abortion

The abortion business was forced to close after authorities found 76 pages of health code violations at the location.

Not just romance: Marriage has wide-ranging social benefits

Sarah Torre Fri Feb 15 11:11 EST Family

Married families tend to have better financial health, increased savings, and greater social mobility than unmarried households.

Quebec’s euthanasia proposal means 'active killing by doctors': leading bioethicist

Peter Baklinski Fri Feb 15 20:21 EST Euthanasia

The proposed new law "would make every doctor in Quebec a potential accomplice in homicide," said Dr. Wesley J. Smith.

Suicide of 91 year-old woman proves Canadian suicide law does not need to be changed, says expert

Peter Baklinski Fri Feb 15 11:22 EST Euthanasia

Ruth “Goodman died without requiring someone else to assist her suicide or actually lethally inject her,” Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, told

Iceland considering banning porn because of negative impact on women, children

Hilary White Fri Feb 15 18:39 EST Family

“We have to be able to discuss a ban on violent pornography, which we all agree has a very harmful effects on young people and can have a clear link to incidences of violent crime,” a Green Party member said.

Is wearing a condom the ‘ultimate sign of LOVE’? According to Planned Parenthood, yes

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 15 18:02 EST Contraception

I had to scratch my head over that tweet for a few minutes. But I think I’ve figured it out.

Driving out demons

Judie Brown Fri Feb 15 15:17 EST Abortion

This nation’s moral decline is astounding not only because it has been a relatively swift slide, but more importantly because Catholics have taken leading roles in bringing about the decline.

Panel calls reparative therapy for homosexuals a human rights violation

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Fri Feb 15 13:48 EST Freedom

Sexual orientation change efforts are in fact a human rights violation and a problem,” claimed researcher Rebecca Jordan-Young of Barnard College.

Father of baby crushed under wheels of Chinese family planning officials’ van speaks out

John Jalsevac Fri Feb 15 13:17 EST Abortion

In an interview, Chen Li described his altercation with the officials, who were collecting a fine after the couple gave birth illegally to a third child

Lies, pressure, negativity: what passes for ‘counseling’ at Planned Parenthood, abortion clinics

Sarah Terzo Fri Feb 15 11:55 EST Opinion

Pro-aborts consistently oppose any form of informed consent law. But women consistently say that they don't get unbiased counselling in abortion clinics.

Victim of brutal forced abortion speaks out for first time to Chinese media Fr