Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday STOPP Report - February 20, 2013


Delaware Planned Parenthood violates 11-year-olds

She’s just 11 years old, but Nyiray Thomas already knows what she would say if someone ever tries to convince her to have unprotected sex, even just once.

“I would say no, because I don’t want to have a child,” she said. “I want to achieve my goals.”

So begins an article on the website of Planned Parenthood of Delaware promoting its Obamacare funded

 purportedly designed “to teach young people about abstinence and contraception.” But where is the abstinence education in this scenario? The only abstinence encouraged by Planned Parenthood is abstaining from “unprotected” sex. Add a few steroids and a condom and you have the green light for sex for eleven-year-old children—without regard to morality, health consequences, or other impacts upon the child.

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A former abortionist implores the Church to stop abortion

For many of us, our testing ground has been and continues to be Planned Parenthood. It is here that we are daily challenged with the brutal reality that the consequence of sin is death. We witness with all our senses the wrath of hell manifested in the vitriolic attacks by abortion workers unleashed on us—and much worse, on the tiny, innocent babies they kill and throw in the trash.

But by God’s grace, in the midst of all that spiritual turmoil and killing, it is very common for abortion workers to walk away from Planned Parenthood once the Church comes to the sidewalk. Those of us who have been active in pro-life work for decades can point to many who have walked away because of our presence on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood.

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