Friday, February 22, 2013

Special seat belt for pregnant women hits the market

One British inventor may have secured a solution for the hidden dangers regular seat belts pose to unborn passengers.

While no one would dispute that seat belts do save lives, it’s apparent that they weren’t designed with expectant mothers in mind. For a pregnant woman, the safety feature presents a fraught conundrum because the straps tend to be positioned in a manner which, if an accident were to happen, could actually cause real harm to the fetus.

And so born out of this somewhat overlooked driving hazard was the piXie Harness, a seat belt designed to not only protect the mother-to-be, but also the passenger in the womb. Instead of strapping in diagonally from one side, it secures the passenger or driver using four separate straps that connect at a central point above the abdomen, forming a harness (hence the name). It doesn’t replace the car’s seat belt, but can be thought of as a contraption that modifies it.

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