Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heroic News: “Planned Parenthood abortion biz closing 4 Wi. clinics” plus 6 more


Planned Parenthood abortion biz closing 4 Wi. clinics


Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:47 AM PST

Thanks to the state legislature revoking taxpayer funding for the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood has decided to close 4 of its Wisconsin abortion mills, including its clinic in Chippewa Falls.

Priest conceived in rape forgives, hears confession of own father

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:39 AM PST

A priest who was conceived in rape when his mother was only 13 years old is sharing the story of how he met, forgave and heard the confession of his father, who is now living a life of faith.

Obama's anti-Valentine to married couples

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:38 AM PST

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be when couples come together and celebrate their relationship, but the 13 tax increases in the 2013 fiscal cliff deal unfortunately continued America’s marriage tax penalty.

Mourners remember victims of partial birth abortion

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:35 AM PST

Braving brutally cold temperatures, pro-life supporters gathered Sunday evening outside the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital to remember the lives of Jennifer Morbelli and her pre-born daughter, Madison, who died on February 7 from a botched 33-week abortion done by the notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

Texas teen wins lawsuit against parents


Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:32 AM PST

A pregnant Texas teen has won the right to have her baby after she reached an agreement with her parents, who she had sued claiming they were forcing her to abort the baby.

Heart transplant patient falls in love with donor's sister

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:29 AM PST

After helping to find the right match for her deceased brother's donated heart, one woman fell in love with her brother's transplant recipient – and wedding bells may soon be in the air for the happy couple.

Care for women vital to pro-life cause, advocate stresses

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 02:25 AM PST

Former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic manager Abby Johnson praised care centers for pregnant women as essential to the pro-life movement at large.