Thursday, March 15, 2007 NewsBytes

Rush Limbaugh, referenced on his radio show March 14

Mother shares joys, blessings of raising a son with Down syndrome

How Giuliani's marriages could annul his '08 bid

Pope Benedict XVI On Natural Law

Vatican paper decries abuses at Italy gay-rights rally

Gay Catholic meeting to obey archbishop's communion ban

Scottish Pro-life Project Marks 10 Years - Initiative Has Helped Over 2,000 Women

Discipline confirmed for liberation theologian

Abortion 'right to know' bill rejected in UK

Portuguese bishops: new abortion law 'unfair'

California Assemblyman withdraws bill to mandate HPV vaccine for schoolgirls

Texas House votes to halt mandatory HPV vaccination program for girls in school

Exhibit shows eugenics' deadly history

Harris in LA Times: Millions of Christians Working to Turn US into 'Totalitarian Theocracy'

The Benefits of Dozens of Cousins

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