Wednesday, July 25, 2007


San Diego, CA - Two abortion mills, one in San Diego, California, and one in Atlantic City, New Jersey, continue to be plagued by problems that have kept both in the news in recent days.
"More and more horrific stories like this are surfacing that indicate an abortion industry that is about to self-destruct," said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. "From what we are seeing around the nation, conditions such as those in San Diego and Atlantic City are not the exception, but the shocking standard."

San Diego Negligence

Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties is being sued for the second time in two months, this time for negligence in not informing a patient of a Pap Smear test that indicated the presence of cervical cancer. Former patient Rebecca Glover alleged in her suit that Planned Parenthood realized their negligence and attempted to cover it up by denying Glover access to her own medical records. She contends that Planned Parenthood's acts prevented her from getting treatment for her cancer for a year, during which time it advanced to stage 3.

Last month this same Planned Parenthood organization was sued by the mother of
Edrica Goode, who died after a botched abortion attempt. Goode died of toxic shock syndrome after having her cervix packed with laminaria and gauze even though she was suffering from a vaginal infection. Because of the onset of her illness, Goode did not return to finish the abortion, and her mother, who was unaware of the abortion attempt, insists that Planned Parenthood never tried to follow up with Goode, preventing her from getting her daughter the treatment she needed to save her life. Planned Parenthood received a "deficiency" finding from the California Department of Health for not reporting the abortion death within 24 hours, as required by law.

"There is a pattern of cover-up in Planned Parenthood's recent troubles that is systemic of the abortion industry around the nation. The habit is to deny problems and cover the truth, even if it costs the lives of patients," said Sullenger, who spent years warning women of dangers the San Diego Planned Parenthood. "This Planned Parenthood organization has proven that they do not care about women by their treatment of Glover and Goode alone," she said. "It is really appalling to think that a clinic would be aware of the fact that women had life-threatening conditions, yet would actively conceal that information from them in order to cover up their negligence. If that behavior is not criminal, it ought to be."

Atlantic City Filth
Alternatives abortion clinic in Atlantic City will stay closed for now. The abortion mill has yet to file a corrective action plan with the state's health department that was required within 10 days of an inspection that
closed the clinic for health violations on June 22. The Press of Atlantic City reports that the Heath Department released its 116-page inspection report listing problems with the abortion office that included dried blood on the abortion beds and stirrups, expired medications, and general filth. According to the news report, "Dust, rust, dirt and debris also were found on some equipment, and floors in the operating room, laboratory and recovery room were 'soiled and stained.'" In addition, the clinic was cited because abortionists did not always scrub between abortion procedures, partially because the mill lacked hot water and a scrub sink. In an outageous attempt to defend this practice, a clinic worker told inspectors, "Abortions aren't really surgery, they aren't sterile procedures." Abortionist Stuart Sackstein, Alternatives medical director, resigned the day after the state closed the abortion mill.

Abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham, who is banned from practicing medicine in three states, was in the process of buying the abortion mill at the time of its closure. The sale of the office is opposed by local pro-life groups. Until the current owner, abortionist Alan Kline, files a corrective plan that satisfies the health department, the clinic will remain closed. Every day it remains in noncompliance, Alternatives racks up fines of $2,500 per day. Already their fines total approximately $80,000. "Alternatives' reticence to correct their deplorably shoddy conditions may well be their own undoing," said Sullenger. "They have dug themselves into a financial pit that they may not be able to climb out of. Now that the public knows the truth about their filthy conditions and dangerous abortionists, we pray that it will never be allowed to reopen." "The problems at these two abortion clinics illustrate that the idea of abortions being 'safe and legal' is mythical," said Sullenger. "The health and well-being of women are regularly sacrificed for greed, profits, and the protection of their radical abortion ideology without regard for the cost in human lives and tragedy. That is the true state of the abortion industry today."

About Operation Rescue
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