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IVF pregnancies decline in Italy; health minister blames legislation

Giuliani Raises $17 Million, Romney $14 Million in Q2

Giuliani gets a standing ovation at Pat Robertson's university

Democrats Stonewall 4th Circuit Nominees

U.S. Money, Overseas Abortion

In Effort to Dodge Prosecution, Tiller Challenges Constitutionality of Abortion Law

Pro-Lifers Make Impact at NEA Teacher Convention

Girl could give birth to sibling

Spain: Families to get birth subsidy

11th Circuit Rules Against Sexually Oriented Businesses

Call for EU-wide fertility rules

We Are Grateful That Partial-Birth Abortion Has Been Outlawed, But...

Live Earth – Selling Global Hype

Beijing removes Papal Letter to Chinese Church from web

The archbishop of Trichur accuses the Kerala state government of planning to starve and take over Christian schools in violation of the constitution.

In China's 'harmonious society' protesters are beaten up

Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word "Muslim" in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis.

Kids and Marriage No Longer Inseparable

Top Hotel Cable Supplier Called to Task for Porn Involvement, But Where is DOJ?

Canadian government gouging students with loans and high interest rates: critics

Priest gets 5 years for molesting boys - Archdiocese of Chicago drew intense criticism over its handling of the case

Chicago archdiocese employees responsible for handling priest complaints kept their jobs after poor handling of recent priest sexual abuse case,CST-NWS-priest02.article

Report: Wealthy homosexual donors swaying local, state elections

Homosexual-friendly religious groups accused of apostasy

Christian activists urging public stand against hate crimes legislation

Woman ends life over 'gay' husband

What message was Stephen Harper sending last month when he appointed Superior Court judge Warren Winkler to be Ontario's chief justice?

Playing fast, loose with "Gay Pride" attendance figures

NBC Hits Supreme Court's 'Shift to the Right'

20+ Windows Vista Features and Services Harvest User Data for Microsoft - From your machine!

Give Us DDT

More Gore Hypocrisies Exposed as Live Earth Concerts Near

Protesting pastors jailed – signs wider than torsos

Pope Benedict XVI says Christ needs apostles who are willing to sacrifice themselves

On NBC's Today, Robin Williams Smears Critics of His Anti-Catholic Jokes -- Including NB

Not even baseball safe from 'gay' promotions

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"