Friday, July 6, 2007

Pro-Life Youth Group Demonstrates Outside Clinton Offices in Los Angeles

By Peter J. Smith

LOS ANGELES, July 6, 2007 ( - A pro-life youth organization held a sit-in demonstration today outside the campaign offices of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, not only to protest her radical support for abortion, but to train future leaders of the pro-life movement.

"Hillary has a radical pro-abortion agenda. Our generation has seen enough women hurt and enough children killed, and we are not going to support a candidate who stands for the killing of unborn children and the scarring of women and families," Kortney Blythe, spokeswoman for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, told

The Survivors, a Christian pro-life organization that educates high school and college age youth in pro-life activism, held the 1 PM protest in front of Clinton's campaign offices at 600 Lafayette Park Rd. in downtown Los Angeles.

"It's not just Senator Clinton, it's any pro-abortion candidate whether Democrat or Republican or whatever," said Blythe. "If they support abortion, we want to be there to show what they support."

Over 40 youth ages 14 - 30 from all over the United States participated in the sit-in protest as part of learning the ins and outs of pro-life activism from the June 27-July 8 Survivors annual leadership training camp in southern California.

Blythe said the new pro-life leaders will have experience defending the pro-life position, running events, and knowing their rights as activists after leaving the camp. Participants gained knowledge and experience by discussing the pro-life position, side-walk counseling, viewing the "Show the Truth" display, assisting at a maternity home and by participating in various demonstrations.

Survivors will plan more demonstrations for the future, Blythe says, but the real effect of Friday's protest will be felt when these 40 youth return as pro-life leaders for their hometowns.

"We have people from our camp from all over the United States, and they'll be going out back to their home bases. We've taught them how to run an event, so they'll be putting on their own events when politicians or pro-abortion leaders show up in their town."

The main issue for the Survivors is that Senator Clinton and other pro-abortion politicians state that they want to protect women and children, but "fail to represent the 50 million that have been violently killed by abortion and the ones that will continue to be killed by legal abortion."

"We hope to let them know that they're not going to get the support of a generation that has seen the effect of abortion," Blythe firmly stated. "That's seen 1/3 of their generation killed by abortion and seen their friends and family hurt because of abortion. We're not going to support them, not going to vote for them, and not going to let them pretend like they care for women."

Those who wish to learn more about the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust may visit their website here:

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"