Monday, July 30, 2007

Police Arrest Youth Accused of Murdering his Unborn Child

Pushed mother to ground and punched and stomped on her belly killing child in womb

Here is a horrible and gruesome story of a youth murdering his own baby in the womb. Let us pray for the young people of the world, who have been brain-washed by the media to dis-respect all life! May God have mercy on his soul!

Deacon John

By John Jalsevac

CINCINNATI, Ohio, July 30, 2007 ( - A 15-year-old youth accused of attacking his 18-year-old girlfriend with the express purpose of killing her unborn child has been arrested and faces charges of murder, reports The Enquirer.

The attack took place on July 11, when Alfonso Price and a friend accosted Kerria Anderson at a bus stop. The 18-year-old woman, whose baby was reportedly due mid-August, was standing with her 1 ½ year-old daughter at the time. According to reports the pair pulled Anderson behind a nearby building, pushed her to the ground then began to punch and to stomp on her belly.

By the time they were done Anderson was bruised and covered in footprints and her unborn child Precious had a fractured skull and numerous other broken bones. Precious Anderson was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. According to The Enquirer the Anderson family has not been able to have a funeral for the child, who was cremated, due to a lack of money.

Price's accomplice has also been arrested for the crime. Prosecutors have said that they intend to have Price, who has a past record of 10 charges, as well as a record of violence against his girlfriend, tried as an adult.

Precious Anderson would have been Kerria's second child. Kerria's mother, Angela, has said that the family was devastated by the attack and by the loss of the child.

"(Price) stomped my daughter, killed the baby, crushed the skull, fractured jaw, broken bones, and now my daughter is fighting for her life. She's hemorrhaging real bad," said Angela Anderson shortly after the attack took place, according to "He wanted her to have an abortion and this family don't believe in it."

According to family members Price, who was estranged from his girlfriend at the time, was angry at the thought that another man might end up raising his daughter, and had been pushing Anderson to have an abortion, but she had refused.

"All he had to do was run along and just leave her alone," said Kerria's mother. "But he caught her, and he caught her good and killed the baby."

Unborn children, besides being protected by the state laws of numerous states, are also protected under the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, under which they can be considered a distinct victim of violence in the case of a violent assault against the mother. Individual cases that invoke this Act, however, tend to reveal a rift in the law, where what is considered to be a "fetus" without any human rights at one moment, can the next instant be considered a human being.

As one letter writer to The Enquirer wrote about the case, "This was a horrible crime, and apparently the beating occurred specifically to kill the child."

"Yet Kerria Anderson could have walked to the clinic, had an abortion and everything would have been just fine; the same result would be a dead child. Yet that is somehow a 'right' for Anderson. Does anyone see a problem here?"

Mainstream news reporting on such cases also tends to reveal how tenuous is the sacred secular distinction between "fetus" and "child," with most news sources referring to the "unborn child" where they would typically refer to the inhuman "fetus".

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"