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Monday, January 17, 2011

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This coming Saturday the rapidly growing West Coast Walk for Life will take place in San Francisco followed by the March for Life in Washington, D.C. See today’s story about the amazingly dedicated Mary Lou Gartner, who organizes 120 busloads of Pennsylvanians to the Washington event every year. If she can do this, so can many more. Mary Lou explains what she does.

Patrick Craine’s detailed report on the Desrochers and their success with the new reproductive science of NaProTechnology is an important one. The explosive growth of unethical IVF births and the often damaged children that result can be significantly countered by many supposedly “infertile” couples using NaProTechnology instead.

It took a few years, but the Defend Life group appears on the road to receiving justice regarding the abuse its members suffered in 2008 from the hands of ruthless Maryland police and State Troopers. There are times when pro-lifers must fight back hard through the courts to put a halt to these abuses.

In Canada, heroic, faithful Catholic school trustees and their supporters have sadly not received the strong support they needed and desperately sought from the province’s Catholic bishops in the battle over the province’s imposition of a pro-homosexual equity policy for all schools. The Catholicity of the separate school system has already been severely compromised for years by the pro-gay Catholic teacher’s union, poor teacher formation and very weak curriculum materials. The question being asked now by some is whether there will actually be much left worth saving as a “Catholic” system after the equity policy is implemented - even if it is slightly better than the public schools’ version. However, it is worth noting that more and more Catholic schools are sending students to the annual March for Life in Ottawa. That is having a major positive impact on the students that come to the march and especially the youth conference.

Steve Jalsevac

Pro-life organization sends 120 buses to National March for Life

Rebecca Millette Mon Jan 17 15:50 EST Abortion

A pro-life organization called "People Concerned for the Unborn Child" based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania organizes the largest coordinated contingent to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., sending 120-130 buses yearly.

GOP Congress readies ObamaCare repeal vote for Wednesday

Peter Smith Mon Jan 17 18:10 EST Abortion

Republicans say they intend to not only repeal the bill, but also replace it with a far more cost effective pro-life, patient-friendly reform bill that willl also give individuals a far wider range of insurance options to fit their own health needs

Facebook co-founder engaged, seeks gay ‘marriage’ in New York

Peter Smith Mon Jan 17 11:30 EST Homosexuality

Chris Hughes has revealed that he intends to marry Sean Eldridge as soon as same-sex "marriage" is legal in New York.

Victory for pro-life protestors strip-searched by Troopers

Peter Smith Mon Jan 17 15:16 EST Abortion

Maryland police and state troopers have lost their appeal to get immunity from a lawsuit filed against them by pro-life protesters they arrested and strip-searched in Bel Air, Maryland.

Gay groups attack Chick-fil-A for supporting marriage counseling event

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 17 13:16 EST Faith

The fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A has come under fire from homosexualist groups for what they call evidence of its "homophobic" habits.

Ontario Bishops to Schools: Use Anti-Bullying Programs Faithful to Catholic Teaching

John-Henry Westen Mon Jan 17 20:40 EST Faith

On the eve of a critical vote by the Halton District Catholic School Board on whether or not to retain their policy on dealing with homosexuality, the Catholic Bishops of Ontario have commented on Gay/Straight Alliance clubs, a small portion of the debate.

Hope for infertility: ‘Infertile’ couple gives birth thanks to cutting edge natural treatment

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jan 17 18:30 EST Bioethics

New fertility treatment is natural, cost effective, morally acceptable, and boasts better outcomes for mother and child.

photo: Katie Tegtmeyer, Flickr

Quebec Human Rights Tribunal fines man $12,000 for ‘homophobic’ remarks

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Jan 17 14:57 EST Freedom

Lusk, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Canadian military, was previously acquitted of the charges by a provincial court.

Homosexual man and woman marry for art project

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jan 17 19:56 EST Homosexuality

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said the couple are "denigrating" the marital union.

Same-sex unions “penalize” natural marriage in law: Pope Benedict

Hilary White Mon Jan 17 14:22 EST Faith

"The approval of forms of union that pervert the essence and end of the family, ends by penalizing all those who, not without effort, are committed to living stable affective bonds," Benedict said.

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