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Abortionist Involved In Secret Maryland Late-Term Abortion Scheme Suspended

Abortionist Involved In Secret Maryland Late-Term Abortion Scheme Suspended


August 29, 2012

Forestville, Maryland - The medical license of abortionist Harold O. Alexander has been suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians.


Alexander was the Maryland associate of late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft IV, who is unlicensed in that state. Together they operated a secret bi-state late-term abortion business "in the D.C. area" known as


Operation Rescue confirmed the suspension with a Board representative, who indicated that Alexander's suspension documents are not yet public. In that same conversation the representative said that the case against Pendergraft was referred to the Board for action.


Operation Rescue's 6-month undercover investigation led to the discovery that Pendergraft's mysterious associate was in fact Alexander and their clandestine D.C. area abortion clinic was actually Integrated OB/GYN Services in Forestville, Maryland.


Alexander's suspension is in part a result of complaints filed by Operation Rescue.


Alexander's charging documents listed a number of shocking allegations including "sexual boundary" violations, botched abortions, shoddy or non-existent record keeping, and the illegal prescribing of large amounts of Viagra and other drugs to himself and non-patients.


He was also charged with illegally shredding a medical record of a late-term abortion patient that was related to his association with Pendergraft. That record was under subpoena by the Board.


Pendergraft advertized nationwide the disturbing procedure of "Intercardiac Injection", which is a lethal injection into the baby's heart that is made with a long spinal needle through the wall of the woman's abdomen. This injection is meant to kill the pre-born baby.


According to Pendergraft's website, after the 2-3 minute injection process, the patient is monitored for approximately 15 minutes before being released. Now carrying a dead child, the woman is dangerously sent away to her personal physician or other facility to have the dead fetus surgically removed. Delivery of the dead baby takes place at a separate location, which may be in another state or country.


"Alexander and Pendergraft were charging thousands of dollars to place a woman in a life-threatening condition then ship her off to have someone else clean up the mess they created. We are relieved that our complaints helped put these two quacks out of business in Maryland," said Newman. "We hope Maryland's actions will give Florida a reason to finally revoke Pendergraft's only current license."


Pendergraft's Florida medical license as been the subject of multiple disciplinary actions and was under suspension during the time of Operation Rescue's investigation. He now operates under probation.



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