Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Created Equal: "Occupy" Who?


Truth Truck Levels Playing Field in Tampa

Limits on free speech overcome by Created Equal 

Tampa, FL – August 28, 2012 – www.createdequal.net/" target="_blank">Created Equal's voter education project, which focuses on the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin, working in conjunction with Operation Rescue, brought our www.createdequal.net/projects/voter-education" target="_blank">billboard campaign to the GOP Convention yesterday.  Our mobile billboards, which display aborted babies on the sides and rear of box trucks, made their presence known in and around downtown Tampa and near the site of the GOP Convention. 

The Truth Truck is the great equalizer.  Our "hard to miss message” overcame the limitations imposed on free speech by thousands of state and city police, Secret Service, National Guard, and Coast Guard present for the GOP Convention.  Security measures that were designed to limit typical protests failed in restraining the ability of the Truth Truck to educate convention goers and Florida voters.    

Additionally, according to The Hill, Occupy Wall Street and Code Pink protesters were outnumbered 4 to 1 by police. 

On Friday, we move on to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, NC.  Please continue to pray for us and support us.

Contact Mark Harrington at 614-419-9000 or mark@createdequal.net for more information.