Thursday, August 30, 2012

LifeSiteNews Updates - Thursday Aug 30 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Thank God, literally, for Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum’s speeches at the Republican convention. They understand that life, family and the culture are indeed REAL election issues that will determine whether a free, prosperous America will survive.

Peter Baklinski’s analysis of the ludicrous, always growing list of supposed sexual orientations is an instructive must read. It’s about time someone put all this together. Plain common sense has been rejected by gullible, weak people who keep giving this stuff credibility. Peter explains what’s behind the bizarre phenomenon.

Matthew Hoffman has crafted a superb report on the violent, new anti-Christian movement in Europe that seems to have launched into high gear with the Moscow Pussy Riot demonstration. We can’t ignore these growing incidents of mad hatred for traditional sexual morality and culture. There is lesson here related to decades of dreadfully weak response to the massive killing of the preborn and rejection of God’s natural laws for sexual behaviour.

By the way, we made a math error in our headline on yesterday’s Colorado Personhood initiative story. 26,000, not 16,000, signatures were rejected by the government. Now, do any of you seriously think that such a large number of signature could possibly have been genuinely invalid?

It’s the culture, stupid - John Stonestreet

Video: ‘Raging Grannies’ sing a hate song to Todd Akin - Ben Johnson

Huckabee: Obama believes life is ‘expendable’ in the womb, ‘or even beyond the womb’

John Jalsevac Thu Aug 30 18:48 EST Abortion

Mike Huckabee didn’t pull any punches in his speech at the GOP Convention Wednesday night.

‘Free Pussy Riot’ scrawled in blood at murder scene as wave of anti-Christian attacks sweep Russia

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu Aug 30 15:32 EST Faith

Another murder victim had a Christian icon placed on his corpse.

Romney’s sister: Mitt is ‘not going to be touching’ abortion as president

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 30 14:56 EST Abortion

Ending abortion is “never going to happen” with Mitt, Jane Romney declares.

Jane Romney says her brother will not affect the pro-abortio

University upholds study finding children do better with straight parents than homosexuals

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Aug 30 16:28 EST Homosexuality

"No formal investigation is warranted" into Mark Regnerus' study, the University of Texas finds.

Mark Regnerus is vindicated.

Video: Man attacks pro-life activists; two weeks later, still no arrest made

John Jalsevac Thu Aug 30 15:33 EST Abortion

Pro-life activist Kevin Rilott says he is disturbed the police's inaction on the case.

Fox News cancels Sarah Palin’s RNC interviews after third party comments

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 30 15:08 EST Politics

FNC claims the cancellation was due to a Republican scheduling change.

‘Battery’ charges dropped against pro-life counselor: abortion clinic employees a no-show

John Jalsevac Thu Aug 30 12:25 EST Abortion

The abortion workers say they saw Anna Maria touch an abortion client. The only problem? She swears she wasn't at the abortion clinic that day.

California Assembly passes ‘attack on parental rights’ bill banning sex orientation therapy

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Aug 30 11:09 EST Freedom

"The attack on parental rights is exactly the whole point of the bill," said its sponsor, Ted Lieu.

Canadian Medical Association shows its rainbow colors: new president is lesbian

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Aug 30 13:20 EST Homosexuality

Dr Anna Reid Reid eliminating all forms of inequity should be one of the physicians' main goals.

Dr. Anna Reid.

LGBTTIQQ2S: How many more letters do we need?

Peter Baklinski Thu Aug 30 19:33 EST Homosexuality

How about LGBTTIQQ2SMAPAVMZ? Even then, the list will continue to grow. The letters are explained.

Asian population conference laments aging, but touts abortion and contraception

Susan Yoshihara and Lisa Correnti Thu Aug 30 18:29 EST Abortion

Nearly a quarter of the presentations at the population meeting dealt with the prevention or ending of life.

More research shows link to multiple abortion and pre-term, underweight babies

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu Aug 30 15:14 EST Abortion

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology confirms what numerous other studies have found: abortion does not just hurt one baby.

Vietnamese woman has buried 4,000 aborted, abandoned babies found in the trash

John Jalsevac Thu Aug 30 10:02 EST Abortion

Pham Thi Cuong says that she often finds the bodies of the babies in plastic bags, thrown on the sidewalk like common rubbish.

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