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LifeSiteNews Updates - Thursday Aug 23 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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The huge controversy over U.S. Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin’s clumsy response to an abortion question has inadvertently led to a much needed public discussion about the abortion/rape issue. Abortion advocates have unjustly used it for decades as a club to intimidate and demean pro-life citizens. Some pro-life leaders have taken the opportunity to use the Akin flare up as an opportunity to educate the public about this phony propaganda effort to falsely paint abortion opponents as heartless woman haters. Do we need any more evidence that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists are anything but pro-woman?

As for whether pro-life candidate Akin should be condemned and removed from the political race for his one time, few words miscue, there are strongly held differences of opinion within the pro-life ranks. Political pragmatism has been a large factor for some given the very crucial need to win the Missouri Senate seat.

There may be a dramatic change developing in Akin’s fortunes. Against all predictions, he just might be able to stay and hold his lead in the Missouri race. We will see how it unfolds. Hilary White, Jill Stanek, Kathleen Gilbert and Ben Johnson contribute more opinion and news on the controversy today.

Todd Akin, imperfect hero - Jill Stanek

The disgusting idea of parental rights for rapists - Stephanie Gray

Abortionist admits, ‘most women having abortions are not raped’

John-Henry Westen Thu Aug 23 17:04 EST Abortion

The abortionist was responding to a pro-abortion author who disagrees with the common tactic of using "hard cases" (like rape) to justify abortion.

Abortionist Willie Parker

Pro-lifer Stockholm Syndrome: Rape, Todd Akin and appeasing abortionists

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu Aug 23 11:59 EST Opinion

In the last couple of days, though it remains in the high 90s around here, the hysterical shrieking of feminists around the internet has woken me out of my usual late Italian-summer torpor.

Police say lesbian faked brutal ‘hate crime’ attack: carved cross on own chest

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 23 08:38 EST Homosexuality

Charlie Rogers, a former Nebraska female basketball star, is accused of making a false report.

Charlie Rogers, former basketball star, now accused of fakin

Paul Ryan backs off Akin feeding frenzy

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Aug 23 18:48 EST Abortion

Ryan acknowledged that he had at first urged Akin to give up the race, but on his campaign plane Wednesday he told reporters that he wouldn't pursue the question, and that he had no regrets co-sponsoring pro-life legislation with Akin

Paul Ryan

Guilty: Homosexual activist admits sending death threats to pro-life, pro-marriage leader

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 23 17:57 EST Homosexuality

“I sure hope somebody blows you away. Yer dead,” said letter addressed to Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut.

No babies allowed at Democratic National Convention: feminists revolt

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Aug 23 17:23 EST Family

Top feminist icon Gloria Steinem that the party should acknowledge that where there are women there are occasionally babies too.

Hate crimes target charges Obama, Holder do ‘not believe they need to protect’ Christians

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 23 16:43 EST Homosexuality

Traditional Values Coalition leader charges Obama admin applies “different tiers of protection” to Christians than it does to Muslims, abortionists, and homosexual activists.

Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition president.

Huge spike in full nudity on prime-time TV: study

Jean McCarthy Thu Aug 23 16:22 EST Family

Full-frontal nudity increased by 6300% in the past year, while full nudity in general rose 403%.

New 911 call from late-term abortion facility: ‘she’s bleeding quite badly’

Operation Rescue staff Thu Aug 23 15:41 EST Abortion

This is the third medical emergency documented at one of Haskell’s two Ohio abortion clinics this year and the fourth since 2009.

Mom fights Texas hospital’s removal of food and water from 12-year-old son

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Aug 23 13:14 EST Bioethics

The mother of the 12-year-old gunshot victim discovered that the hospital had put a DNR order, and removed food and hydration, without her knowledge.

Cardinal Dolan willing to do closing prayer at Democrat Convention as well

Patrick B. Craine Thu Aug 23 12:32 EST Abortion

On Thursday it was revealed that Cardinal Dolan will be offering the benediction at the Republican Convention.

Pro-family, Tea Party leaders coalesce around Todd Akin

Ben Johnson Thu Aug 23 11:39 EST Abortion

Veteran pro-life leaders Gary Bauer, Phyllis Schlafly, Ryan Bomberger and others tell the GOP establishment to back off.

Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum founder, supports Todd Akin.

United Church elects Canada’s first openly gay leader of a major Christian denomination

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Aug 23 15:55 EST Faith

Rev. Gary Paterson of St Andrew's-Wesley United Church in downtown Vancouver was elected from a field of 15 nominees on August 16.

Mexican judge orders state to perform homosexual ‘marriages’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu Aug 23 16:40 EST Homosexuality

The nation's Supreme Court is now reviewing the right of the government of Oaxaca to contest the ruling.

Oxford ethicist says parents have ‘moral obligation’ to use genetic screening: expert disputes

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu Aug 23 14:52 EST Bioethics

Putting the moral question aside, Dr. James Sherley told today that Savulescu’s scientific claims are “absolutely false.”

A tale of two mangers: how I was adopted after being abandoned on the streets of Bethlehem

Susan Michelle Tyrrell Thu Aug 23 12:33 EST Opinion

Many are fascinated by the fact I was born in Bethlehem. They ask, predictably, “was it in a manger?” The answer is, "yes."

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