Thursday, August 30, 2012


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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Planned Parenthood cancer screening initiative a farce
By Rita Diller
Planned Parenthood Federation of America and various affiliates have released scads of stories over the past week touting a new breast cancer initiative. The $3 million it says will fund the initiative is the amount Planned Parenthood claims it raised in four days in response to the Susan G. Komen Found-ation's quickly-rescinded announcement that it
would stop funding the abortion giant.
So, what about this huge investment of $3 million Cecile Richards says she is earmarking for breast cancer screening and education? To put it in perspective, Planned Parenthood's total income in 2010 was 1.04 billion dollars. The three million dollars it says it will commit to the breast cancer initiative is nine-tenths of one percent of its total annual income. 

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Two weeks later: Why hasn't Rockford,
IL attacker been arrested?
Pro-Life Action League
On August 16, [a] pro-choice man attacked pro-lifer Kevin Rilott while he was engaged in a "Face the Truth" Tour in Rockford, Illinois. . . . Rockford police were provided with Kevin's testimony, the license plate number of the car, and video of the incident documenting the man's name and his crime. Kevin was told the case would be handed over to a detective, and they would be in contact with him. As of today----nearly two weeks after the incident----Kevin has heard nothing from police.  

Planned Parenthood aims to open clinic at former
Chevy's restaurant site in North Fair Oaks [CA]
Mercury News
Planned Parenthood, which dropped its plan to open a clinic in Redwood City last year because it couldn't cobble enough parking spaces, has found an alternate location----the former Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurant in unincorporated North Fair Oaks. Last September, Planned Parenthood withdrew its bid to move into an office building about a block away at 2890 El Camino Real. During the eight months it tried to open there, the health group failed to come up with nine off-site parking spots Redwood City said were needed in addition to the on-site spaces. Abortion foes had threatened to picket any business that provided the extra spaces to the clinic.  

Conversion in the IVF laboratory
National Catholic Register
In 1987, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued Donum Vitae (Instruction on Respect for Human Life), where the Church officially forbade the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF), stating: "The child has the right to be conceived, carried in the womb, brought into the world and brought up within marriage. The good of society requires that children come into the world within a family and that the family be based on marriage, the only setting worthy of truly responsible procreation." Many Catholics, including some pro-life advocates, fail to realize that Church teaching forbids the practice of IVF as a means of creating life, even for infertile couples. In vitro requires the removal of eggs from a woman and subsequent fertilization with sperm in a laboratory setting.