Abortion activists defeated again at the OAS General Assembly – Personhood.

Washington D.C., June 17, 2015—The 45th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) marked a significant victory for personhood advocates, as civil society groups overwhelmingly rebuked any attempt to erode Latin American protections of life.
Incoming Secretary-General of the OAS, Luis Almagro of Uruguay, has publicly announced his support for imposing abortion and a radical sexual agenda upon OAS member states, contrary to the mandate of his position. Because of backlash from civil society, however, Almagro was forced to promise not to interfere with countries’ pro-life laws.
The civil society forum on human rights delivered a strong pro-life statement to international ambassadors from OAS member countries. Organizations from across the hemisphere urged the OAS to protect the right to life of all human beings, reaffirm its commitment to its founding charter, and to respect the sovereignty of member states.
During much anticipated negotiations on the American Convention on the Rights of Older Persons, most member states did not sign the treaty or expressed reservations about provisions which seemed to imply euthanasia.
“The pro-life outcome of the OAS General Assembly is a resounding success for universal human rights and the rights of nations to protect personhood,” said Josh Craddock, Director of International Relations for Personhood USA. “Once again, an overwhelming majority of civil society representatives expressed support for the personhood laws present in many Latin American nations.”
Several OAS member countries recognize the personhood of unborn children and prohibit abortion in their national constitutions, including the Dominican Republic, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Additionally, eighteen Mexican states have passed personhood amendments.
The American Convention on Human Rights, which binds OAS member states, also affirms that “Every person has the right to recognition as a person before the law.”

English: Personhood NOW banner flies in front ...
English: Personhood NOW banner flies in front of the United States Supreme Court during the 2009 March for Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)