Saturday, June 20, 2015


Raped at 13, she chose life for baby Aiden. Now, he’s turning two

Often we wonder what drives us, what motivates us to move forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, or what motivates us to get up every morning, take a deep breath and face the day. For 16-year-old Ashley, the answer is simple: his name is Aiden, and he is about to celebrate his second birthday.

Family remembers baby Walter, miscarried at 19 weeks

Two years ago the Fretz family’s world was forever changed when their baby boy was born too soon. At just 19 weeks and 6 days gestation, Lexi Fretz rushed to the ER in labor. Due to an incompetent cervix, she gave birth to Walter Joshua Fretz five hours later.

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Pregnant at 12 after a brutal rape, she rejected abortion. Now, she has no regrets

Lianna Rebolledo was just 12 years old and out walking near her home in Mexico City when she was suddenly abducted by two men and brutally raped. The attackers left the young girl half dead, her face and neck horribly disfigured. What the attackers did not know is that they also left Lianna with the stirrings of a new life within her.

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Baby Kamden died at 16 weeks, but he was still a baby

Kamden never leaves her mind: “There’s not a second goes by that I don’t think about my angel that’s looking over me,” Lindsey said.

“I sure do miss my sweet boy. But God does have a plan. And my sweet baby was one of his plans.”

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Angel Perez confirmed healthy after birth to brain-dead mother, leaves hospital

Angel Perez, the Nebraska infant born to brain-dead mother Karla Perez in April, has been released from Methodist Women’s Hospital, the Associated Press reports.

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Baby born at 25 weeks celebrates one year out of the hospital

Nichola and Andrew Burns had been trying to have a baby for years, and had already suffered one miscarriage when they were finally having the baby they had been dreaming of. But then, the unthinkable happened. Their baby girl, Kiera-Drew, came early – very early. At just 25 weeks gestation, Mrs. Burns’ water broke.

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Elisabeth Elliot has died; here’s what she said about abortion

Well-known for decades, Mrs. Elliot was the widow of Jim Elliot, a Christian missionary who was killed by the Auca Indians in Ecuador while still a young man. Mrs. Elliot stayed with the Aucas, living among them with her baby daughter, Valerie, and leading them to a saving knowledge of the Jesus Jim had died for.

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40 Days for Life offers free online training to help people lead fall campaigns and end abortion

One reason some don’t get involved with the fight to end abortion is simply because they don’t know where to start. The pro-life group, 40 Days for Life, wishes to change that. This week, the organization is sponsoring training sessions so individuals can learn to stop abortion in their community, and participate in the fall 40 Days for Life campaign. The campaign will run from September 23  through November 1.

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Pope Francis: environmental stewardship requires opposing abortion

On Thursday, Pope Francis released a papal encyclical primarily focused on environmental issues, but which aggressively ties stewardship of nature with protecting preborn life, the Catholic News Agency reports.

In the encyclical, Francis makes a concerted appeal for environmentalists to see fetal rights as a natural extension of their values, that “concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion.”

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Republicans propose to end Title X funding from Planned Parenthood, abortion providers

House Republicans are proposing to ax federal funding from Title X, a 40-year-old program signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1970 that provides a broad range of family planning services, but funnels millions toward abortion providers.

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Colorado coroner calls death of baby ripped from the womb ‘fetal demise,’ not murder

The Boulder County Coroner's Office released a report that adds insult-to-injury in the case of a preborn baby who was cut from her mother's womb. The Colorado Coroner has added to the gross miscarriage of justice by labeling the brutal murder of a preborn child as if it were simply an unfortunate miscarriage.

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