Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baby Celeste lived for 22 weeks, but her short life is making an impact

Baby Celeste lived for 22 weeks, but her short life is making an impact

At first, I hadn’t planned on sharing Celeste’s story. At least not publicly.  As the days have gone on, though, my heart has changed.  As we’ve traveled the hard road of grief in the last week, I have been blessed by the stories of other moms who have walked this walk.  If Celeste’s story can comfort  another woman carrying this cross, I will gladly put aside my pain for the blessings I pray our story holds.

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Abortions drop in almost every state, a new survey shows

A survey released Sunday by the Associated Press (AP) shows that abortion rates are dropping nationwide: the overall decrease was roughly 12 percent. The survey shows in states with significant pro-life legislation, such as Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Oklahoma, the drop is closer to 15 percent; however, pro-life states were not alone.

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Abortion clinics across Texas expected to close after court upholds pro-life law

Abortion facilities across Texas are expected to shutter after a federal appeals court upheld a state law requiring abortion facilities to meet hospital safety standards.  The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Texas may enforce provisions of H.B. 2, a pro-life law passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by former Governor Rick Perry.

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Women rejects abortion after she sees her baby on ultrasound

Rebekah Nancarrow had an ultrasound at Planned Parenthood (for which she paid $80), but wasn’t allowed to see the image. She was told by a Planned Parenthood worker that seeing the fetus on the screen  “will only make it harder on you.”

Nancarrow later went to a crisis pregnancy center and was given a free ultrasound. This time she was allowed to view it.

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Pregnant at 17, she refused abortion. Now she calls her daughter a ‘gift.’

According to the timetable that I set for myself as a teenager 18 ½ years ago, I should now be able to have my life back.  I had gotten pregnant at the age of 17, and married my baby’s father so that the child could be raised in a two-parent home.

I won’t lie and say that it was easy.

It wasn’t.

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Doctors said baby Easton would not live, but he is fighting to prove them wrong

The doctor told his parents that Easton would likely die in the womb. They were devastated, especially when he suggested abortion.

“We chose life,” Orris said. “I was not going to make that decision when my baby had a heartbeat still.”

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Linda Couri, former Planned Parenthood social worker, shares the ‘inconvenient truth’ of abortion

Pro-life activist Linda Couri’s first experience with Planned Parenthood was a lot like that of many young women. She turned to her local Planned Parenthood for her first gynecological exam, and it continued to be her clinic of choice for check-ups.

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Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion

There are Americans who are pro-life without exception, myself included. And it certainly is possible to be! Does that mean we let women die when their pregnancy tragically, and in rare instances, threatens their life? Of course not. We offer them life-saving, emergency treatment. It is crucial to distinguish though that that is not an abortion.

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Waffle House allegedly tells pregnant woman she has enough kids, fires her

A lawsuit filed in Dallas last week alleges that the popular Southern restaurant Waffle House fired a manager-in-training because she was pregnant with her fourth child.  The suit alleges that when Tabitha Handy told her supervisor late last year that she was pregnant, the supervisor said, “You’re pregnant again? Don’t you already have three kids?”

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Stories of forced abortion in America all too common

In recent days, the nation has been shocked by the story coming out of Texas: a 14-year-old girl was raped, her baby forcibly aborted through pills and a lengthy, brutal beating, and then, the stillborn baby was burned on a grill and later disposed of.

While this story couldn’t be more horrific, America needs to realize that forced abortions are not uncommon.

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New England Journal of Medicine describes piercing unborn babies’ hearts with needles

In 1988, the New England Journal of Medicine described a then-new abortion procedure called selective reduction. This type of abortion is performed when a woman has more than one preborn baby in her womb and wants to kill one or more children, but not the other(s). It can be used to “reduce” triplets to twins, or twins to a single baby.

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