Friday, June 12, 2015


BDF attorneys Nikolas Nikas and Dorinda Bordlee write with a message from the heart about why this update is a bit overdue.  It turns out that Dorinda underwent a successful open-heart surgery on April 30, 2015 to repair a failed mitral valve, and she is now in active recovery.  With the help of colleagues around the nation and the world, BDF's work continued without missing a beat.

 View this video where a lawmaker sends out prayers to Dorinda, along with quite a commendation (go to 12:15 min. mark).  This session, BDF engaged in legislative education and strategy in many States including Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas.

 BDF also submitted a white paper to the United Kingdom House of Lords on the three-parent embryo bill.  As explained by our science advisor, Dr. Maureen L. Condic, that process involves the unethical practice of human cloning to produce genetically modified human beings. As public education continues on this and many other topics, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Condic has been appointed as a corresponding member to the Pontifical Academy for Life.

 The Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Phoenix has awarded a generous grant to BDF to create materials and seminars entitled "Living and Dying with True Dignity: Law, Medicine and Morality at the End of Life."  This project is designed to help families navigate an increasingly hostile healthcare environment with love and confidence found in the Catholic understanding of the often murky issues.  Stay tuned.  .  .

*  BDF's Nikolas Nikas is making an impact on law and medical school students around the nation and the world. A letter from a student at Duke University Law School reads in part:
"...hardly anyone is comfortable discussing bioethical issues because it has been instilled in us that morality is personal while science is universal. [Y]our talks raised the level of debate at our law school.  . . . .  I want to commend your manner of persuasion. Your gracious and humble demeanor created a safe space for students to learn, push back, and ask deep questions."

Want BDF at your event?  Nikas has spoken at venues as varied as the Mayo Clinic Medical School of Medicine and W. Virginia School of Medicine, along with Campbell Law School and universities across Poland (including the Jagiellonian, where Saint John Paul II taught).  Learn about BDF topics for your event, and read the full Duke Law student letter here.

*  Join Dorinda in her beloved New Orleans for the National Right to Life convention, where there will be dynamic pro-life education and a presidential candidate forum.  There is less than a week to qualify for the group hotel rate.  Dorinda speaks at a session on Saturday, July 11 at 1:45pm on strategies to address abortion based on disability discrimination.  Sign up and get more information at

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