Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are you pro-life or pro-choice? 'Americans Are Mislabeling Themselves On Abortion'

June 4, 2015

The Shirt You've Been Waiting For!

Whether you are preparing for a trip to the abortion facility to sidewalk counsel or getting ready for a campus display, there’s one aspect of your activism that you may have overlooked— What am I going to wear?!

Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “cute and comfortable,” and after hunting through your wardrobe, you assemble an outfit that will accomplish those goals. And certainly, these are helpful attributes to consider in your day’s attire. As my baby sister says, “When you look good, you feel good!” We want you to be confident and comfortable when you are out at the clinic or on campus engaging in outreach to pregnant and abortion-minded women. But what if you had a shirt that was cute and comfortable and effective?!

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'Americans Are Mislabeling Themselves On Abortion'

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While Cecile Richards and her pro-choice allies in the abortion industry may be gleefully reading over the Gallup poll released on Friday on abortion views in this country, once they dig a little deeper, it’s obvious that they should hold off on opening the champagne bottles.

Headlines are screaming that Americans who hold they are pro-choice now outnumber those who say they are pro-life, 50 percent to 44 percent respectively. The media is reporting that this is the first time since 2008 that more Americans have identified themselves as pro-choice than pro-life.

But there’s more to it.
 Graduates: What Now?So, you’ve just graduated from college. You might be a little scared. You’re excited for the future. You’re looking for new things to do. And you’re missing your friends (more like family, right?) from your Students for Life group. How do you stay active in the pro-life movement? What can you do now to continue making an impact? Whether you’re moving to a new city, or staying close to home, the opportunities are out there and the pro-life movement needs your help.

Spend a little time on Google (yes, it is useful for more than just writing papers at the last minute) to find the pro-life organizations in your city. These might be the same groups you knew in college, or an entirely new landscape. Either way, they are all looking for volunteers.

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