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Chinese Mom Has Abortion Because Her Only Child Threatened Suicide if She Had Another Baby

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Chinese Mom Has Abortion Because Her Only Child Threatened Suicide if She Had Another Baby

By Sarah Zagorski
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The Shanghi List has reported that a 44-year-old pregnant woman has aborted her baby because her 13-year-old threatened to commit suicide. Last year, Xiao and her husband decided that they wanted to have another child after China “relaxed” its one-child policy; but their daughter, Wen Wen, didn’t respond well to the news of another baby.
Xiao said, “After Wen Wen [Xiao’s first child] learned about my pregnancy, she often said she would jump to her death from a building if we kept the baby.” Tragically, when the couple spotted cut marks on their daughters arm they decided to abort their baby because they were afraid her threats were real.
In 2013, the U.S. Department of State’s Trafficking in Person (TIP) report revealed that China has refused to acknowledge that its policy is creating a gender imbalance and fueling trafficking.
Reggie Littlejohn, the president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, explained that the brutal One-Child Policy is largely to blame for many of the problems in China. Read More


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Chinese Officials Forced to Meet Abortion Quotas

LINYI, SHANDONG PROVINCE, CHINA.  According to a report in the Chinese government-related Global Times, local Chinese officials have admitted having to meet “abortion quotas.”

Several local officials in Linyi stated that they were assigned a quota of ensuring two to eight abortions each for the month of April.  One official stated that he was assigned a quota of one abortion in April and four in May. 

If these officials do not meet their assigned quotas, they will be punished. 

Finding their jobs “unsavory,” some officials requested to resign.  This request was denied.  They therefore created a way around enforcing the abortion quotas:  buy abortion certificates from women who have had elective abortions, then present these certificates as documentation that the officials had met their quotas.  The officials paid out of their own pockets between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan ($800 to $1600) for the abortion certificates.

A deputy director of the Family Planning Bureau denied the use of abortion quotas, stating,  “We only asked them [the local officials] to take remedial action to persuade women [with illegal pregancies] who have been pregnant for less than five months to have an abortion.”  Yet one village official told the Global Times that in order to pressure women with unapproved pregnancies to abort, they would charge them two to three times the standard amount. 

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated:  “The Global Times report is significant on several fronts.  First, that a Chinese Communist Party-related news organ issued a critical report concerning the One Child Policy indicates that support for the Policy is eroding, even in official channels.  Some local officials found the abortion quotas so appalling that they tried to resign their positions, but were not allowed to resign.  Meanwhile, if they did not meet their abortion quotas, they would be punished.  This is evidence that the enforcers of the forced abortion policy are themselves forced.”

Littlejohn continued, “The Global Times report demonstrates something that the Chinese Communist Party has long denied:  the use of abortion quotas.  It also proves that forced abortion is still practiced in China, despite recent minor modifications to the Policy.  For the Family Planning Official to deny the use of abortion quotas stating that they are merely trying to ‘persuade’ women to take ‘remedial action’ for unapproved pregnancies is misleading.  The term, ‘remedial action’ is a euphemism for forced abortion in family planning regulations.  The ‘standard amount’ of the fine for an illegal pregnancy can be up to ten times a person’s annual salary.  Most families cannot pay these terror fines and so are forced to abort.”

Littlejohn concluded, “The time to end the One Child Policy is now – especially since support for it appears to be eroding both on the local level and in official channels.”

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