Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Liturgy and Culture---What is the Connection?

Dear Friends of Radio Maria and One More Soul,
Today we will continue our Quest for a Culture of Life by continuing our teaching on what is good Liturgy and why good Liturgy is necessary for a Culture of Life. 
Some may ask, "What does God have to do with a Culture of Life?" Of course, God is the creator of all things and especially the great gift of LIFE.  In return, God expects us to love, honor and obey Him, as He stated in the FIRST GREAT COMMANDMENT.  And we do that in the most intimate way by our full and vigorous participation in the Mass--the Liturgy--the Eucharist.  The premise is that we will do the Second Great Commandment (Culture) well in proportion to how well we "do" the First Great Commandment.  

If the "culture" is an indication of how well we do the 2nd GC--and I think it is--then we aren't doing very well at either.  I say that because of the persistent attacks on life, family, the Church, our neighborhoods, and the acceptance of the intrinsic evils of contraception, abortion, same sex "marriage", Physician Assisted Suicide, empty churches, closed Catholic schools, etc, etc.
Our Guest today is Father Ewe Michael Lang.  He joins us from London England, where he is a priest of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. He has his PhD in Theology, and speaks and writes extensively on the Liturgy. Among his publications are Turning Towards the Lord, The Voice of the Church at Prayer, and Signs of the Holy One, which shows that Catholic liturgy includes gesture, music, art, and architecture as aspects of the non-verbal language of the sacred and are what make the liturgy beautiful. All are published by Ignatius Press.
Fr Lang will help us appreciate how good gesture, music, art and architecture make for good Liturgy.  Be sure to listen at   radiomaria.us   beginning at Noon ET today, the 5th of January.
May God bless you abundantly, today and throughout the New Year.

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