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National Right to Life News This Week 1/2/16

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Pregnant British mom refuses doctors advice to abort premature baby, one year later son is healthy

By Dave Andrusko Editor's note. NRL News Today's last post for 2015 will be this Wednesday. Each day, over the next three days, we will repost two of the stories our readers "liked" the most in 2015.

Counting Down the Pro-Life Highlights of 2015

Pro-Life Majority Took Reins of Power in U.S. Senate By Andrew Bair In January, for the first time since 2006, a pro-life Senate majority was sworn into office after hard-fought victories in the 2014 elections.

Remind Everyone: Abortion Costs Lives!

These flyers contain important facts and figures about abortion in this country in a clear and easy-to-read format. These flyers are suitable for any audience, and are great for gatherings, fairs, or Church services.  

A dad reflects on his amazing daughter who refused to accept the limitations predicted by her doctors

By Kurt Kondrich As 2015 draws to a close I have been thinking about the amazing seeds my beautiful daughter Chloe has planted during her 12 years on this earth. She has taught countless people that each human being is

The National Right to Life 2016 Pro-Life Essay Contest Deadline Approaching

By Jacki Ragan Each year, National Right to Life sponsors a Pro-Life Essay Contest for students in grades 7-12. Minnesota state Senator Michelle Fischbach oversees and directs the contest. For 2016 the essay should address the question, "What can I

Media Always Shocked at Visible Euthanasia Truths

By Wesley J. Smith I have been working against euthanasia/assisted suicide since 1993. During that time, I have seen a lot. But there has been one consistent theme that cuts across Kevorkian, to the Hemlock Society's Compassion and Choices' agendas,

Woman asks Missouri Court of Appeals for custody of frozen embryos

Jalesia McQueen
By Dave Andrusko As is always the case, the details are different but the legal question remains the same: what happens to frozen embryos when a couple splits and there is a fight over the embryos' future.

Ten Reasons NOT to have an abortion

Posted by BĂ©atrice Fedor 1 – Abortion doesn't postpone motherhood; it destroys the child that one already has. 2 – You might regret it for the rest of your life. 3 – You might have physical complications from it.
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