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National Right to Life News This Week 1/9/16

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President Obama vetoes bill that defunded Planned Parenthood and repealed many parts of Obamacare

veto1reBy Dave Andrusko Four days before he delivers his final State of the Union address, President Obama delivered another message: nothing is more important than protecting Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare. As expected the President vetoed H.R. 3762, a bill which,

‘Abortion President’ Obama Protects Planned Parenthood, ‘Child Abuse, Inc.’

Rep. Chris SmithObama vetoes H.R. 3762 Editor’s note. This comes from the office of pro-life Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) WASHINGTON, DC– Today President Obama vetoed H.R. 3762, American’s Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, a bill that passed both the House and Senate which

Baby delivered while mother in coma wakes her mom with a lick to the cheek

Bonding: Louise and Chloe together during the early days.'I really didn't think Chloe was my baby,' she admitsBy Dave Andrusko Up until her 37th week, Louise Bonfield of Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England had experienced an uneventful pregnancy. And when her right arm and leg began tingling, she was told by a doctor that it was merely a

Remind Everyone: Abortion Costs Lives!

Insert-Order-Form-2015-Church-MailingThese flyers contain important facts and figures about abortion in this country in a clear and easy-to-read format. These flyers are suitable for any audience, and are great for gatherings, fairs, or Church services.   Order your flyers today

Abortion, Government Funding Keeping Planned Parenthood Afloat: Part One

PPreport2014-15reBy Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Editor’s note. On Friday Dr. O’Bannon will share more on how Planned Parenthood is spending its time and money as revealed in its 2014-2015 annual report. For the past

How Planned Parenthood is Defending and Expanding its Abortion Empire

PPreport2014-15rePP 2014-2015 Annual Report Analysis, Part 2 By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Yesterday, we looked at how Planned Parenthood has been able to keep its revenues up and its abortion business steady even while

Media’s coverage of pro-abortion Supreme Court briefs snobbish elitism on steroids

courtbriefsBy Dave Andrusko The day got away from me, so I hope to revisit this topic tomorrow in greater detail. On Tuesday NRL News Today discussed the friend-of-the-court in brief submitted to the Supreme Court by the Obama Administration supporting

PPFA’s Political Arm says Sen. Rubio is their “worst nightmare”

Sen. Marco RubioBy Dave Andrusko Like most of the Republican presidential candidates, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) is an unabashed, straight-forward pro-lifer. Why he garners particular hatred and fear from pro-abortionists is a subject for another post. But our brief discussion here touches

Equipping Young Leaders for the Future: The National Right to Life Academy

Emily DeroisBy Emily Derois, graduate, 2015 National Right to Life Academy This past summer I left my little town in Pennsylvania and journeyed to Washington D.C. with one intent: to learn how to become a voice for the voiceless.

How a preeminent pro-abortion think-tank views 2015 (Hint: they are not happy)

statetrends2015-restrictions-490By Dave Andrusko The Guttmacher Institute, the former PPFA “special affiliate,” wields enormous influence in framing how the abortion issue is covered. Pro-abortion to its institutional gills, Guttmacher occupies a special niche in that without exception, the “mainstream media” accepts

2015 was a big year for pregnancy resource centers

MarchforLife991Editor’s note. This appeared at Secular Pro-Life and is reprinted with permission. A couple weeks ago, we blasted USA Today for a very badly worded polling question that skewed the results in a pro-Planned-Parenthood direction. So today, allow us to present

Sun rises in East and PPFA endorses Hillary Clinton

Pro-abortion Presidential candidate Hillary ClintonBy Dave Andrusko Occasionally–but only very occasionally–someone will gently suggest I exaggerate the arm-in-arm relationship between pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion in our solar system. But, get this, from Amy Chozick, writing

Ban on Dismemberment Abortion is Nebraska Right to Life priority this legislative session

D& E 16 wk illustrationreLINCOLN–Nebraska Right to Life’s priority this legislative session will be passage of LB 767, the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, introduced by state Senator Tommy Garrett. “LB 767 would ban a method of abortion which literally rips developing unborn babies limb from

Surrogate Mom refuses to abort, files suit challenging constitutionality of California’s surrogacy law

Melissa CookBy Dave Andrusko A little over two weeks ago we posted on two women who have refused to abort babies they are carrying as surrogates: Melissa Cook and Brittneyrose Torres. Cook had entered in a contract in which she would
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