Sunday, January 3, 2016

Your Weekly Reflection from CMMB January 3, 2016

Prayer for the Hungry”, Catholic Relief Services
Bless us O Lord, and these Thy gifts:
The gift of food, for us and for others;
Of generosity, that when we have plenty
None should go hungry the whole world over;
The gifts of hearts that grow in humility and compassion
For each of your children who suffers misfortune;
The gift of your love that extends our reach,
And would not deny your gifts to another.
Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen
First spinach harvest from the CMMB nursery in Haiti!  We are so proud of our agronomist,  Lunis Alcide (above) and our agricultural team for finding innovative ways to grow healthy vegetables during the worst drought in decades.
How many Catholic families begin mealtime by saying grace?  Mealtime prayer is an important and beautiful family ritual.  It may be the only time each day that we pray together.  From the oldest to the youngest, we gather at the table, make the sign of the cross together, and give thanks, no matter how meager or magnificent the meal.
As we begin the New Year, let’s be mindful to include those who are hungry in our intentions.  Let’s remember the many mothers, fathers, and children in the world, who never have enough to eat, while we enjoy such bounty.  Remind your family why we pray together, and give thanks for the Lord’s goodness and generosity.
Yours in faith,
Catholic Medical Mission Board
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