Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update: Prostheses Reach Nigerian Christians

The Voice of the MartyrsUpdate:
Prostheses Reach
Nigerian Christians


First Patients Helped in Nigeria

“While the bodies of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria may have been broken, the condition of their faith is tremendously strong,” said a VOM worker.


Two weeks ago we shared with you about The Voice of the Martyrs' new one-of-a-kind medical clinic. This special prosthetics lab was established to help our brothers and sisters who have lost limbs in anti-Christian attacks in Nigeria. More than a dozen patients have now received their long-awaited prostheses.

Many Christians in the United States have taken the opportunity to become a part of this unique project, but many more patients are waiting.

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Attacks by radical Muslim groups like Boko Haram occur regularly. Attackers often sever the legs and arms of their victims with machetes, leaving them without a means to support their families. One patient, “John,” was a driver before he lost one of his legs.

Receiving a prosthetic limb greatly improves these believers' lives. “Providing them with mobility will impact not only their own quality of life, but also that of their families,” said one of VOM's medical workers.

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