Thursday, April 16, 2009

News from the Trenches: More than 150 join pro-life Stations of the Cross in San Diego on Good Friday

“No shouts, curses, or blaring horns”

Four years ago, Sue Lopez wanted to do something extra for Good Friday. She wanted to bring the meaning of Good Friday back to the streets of San Diego, to remind people that Jesus died for our sins, and that the most evil sin or our day is the slaughter of the innocent unborn.

So she organized a pro-life Stations of the Cross in front of the federal building downtown. Several dozen people showed up to pray. The following year it rained on Good Friday, and nearly twice as many people showed up. Last year on Good Friday she took it a step further and had a procession for six blocks to Horton Plaza, with two priests, a deacon, and more than 100 people attending.

On Good Friday of this year, the Helpers of Gods Precious Infants of San Diego, a pro-life group started by Sue, organized the same procession and pro-life Stations of the Cross in her memory. Between 150 and 200 people attended this year, led by 10 Knights of Columbus, five altar boys, and Fr. Joseph Tabigue from Our Lady of the Rosary parish.

Participants in the procession carried white crosses and signs that read, “Stop Killing the Innocent Unborn,” along with a full-size image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and large banners that read, “We are praying for an end to abortion,” and “Life is Precious.”

For the first time that I can remember for such a large event, there were no shouts, curses, or blaring horns in opposition to our message.

-- Roger

(Editor’s Note: Sue Lopez, who for years organized prayer vigils outside San Diego abortion centers that saved hundreds of babies from certain death, orchestrated the city’s annual Life Chain, and was involved in many other pro-life events, lost a year-and-a-half battle with breast cancer on Sunday night, Nov. 23, 2008, the Feast of Christ the King.)