Monday, February 15, 2010

Benedict XVI: Protect and safeguard life

Papal blessing enlightening the world

Image by Mister Awesome via Flickr


On Saturday, February 13th, Benedict XVI spoke to members of the Pontifical Academy of Life. He said that the rights which guarantee the dignity of the human person should be applied to the first moments of human life, when the person is at its weakest. He said the dignity of human life comes from God, and scientists working in the fields involving bioethics should never imagine what they hold in their hands is only easily manipulated inanimate matter.

The Holy Father said the Church always affirms that the natural law should be a barrier to any state legislating against the dignity of life. He said that the natural law also allows people to go beyond their differences, because it affirms the existence of an order impressed by the Creator in nature, and allows people to make rational judgments to pursue good and avoid evil.