Monday, February 15, 2010

Inspiring Pro-Life Work: Babies Saved in January:

Photo: A few men saving babies. 

Babies Saved in January

Family Planning Associates in Long Beach

News from the Trenches

The following report details work by sidewalk counselors at the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in Long Beach. The clinic is located at 2777 Long Beach Blvd. southeast of the 405 and 710 intersection.

This report can be found at the parish website for Holy Innocents Church in Long Beach.

Roberta, Hispanic 1/04/10- came with her boyfriend. Had two children and many bills; they felt they couldn't afford a baby and they were not getting along. Told both of them as parents they are supposed to protect this child as they would their other children . She had a previous abortion and after explaining what abortion is, she said she didn't know what abortion was and said she was not going to abort; they never entered FPA.

Tina, African American 01/05/10-First pregnancy and afraid , she took literature and listened to all the dangers of abortion of all the resources available to her if she needed help. She hadn't told her boyfriend she was pregnant, She never entered FPA; she said regardless of what her boyfriend said she would have her baby,.

Joselyn, African American 01/11/10- Came with a friend; they looked at the fetal models to see what her baby looked like; she was about 12 wks (her first pregnancy) and was afraid of having baby alone; we told her the baby would feel the pain of the abortion. We told her she was a mother and she should protect her child and that FPA did not care about women and it was dangerous and we personally had witnessed women taken out by paramedics. She went in anyway and took literature to read. She came out after seeing how the employees inside didn't seem to know what they were doing, and she said it was a place that had a bad feel to it. She and her friend thanked us for being there to help her see her choice was a wrong one and said we were good people and to continue doing what we do. (sidewalk counseling)

Nancy, white-hispanic 01/11/10- 19 yrs old, has a six mos. daughter afraid she can't take care of another baby. Gave her literature, told her what abortion is and the danger to her and how this child deserves her love and protection, the same as her daughter. She went in and later came out; approached her again and talked to her about all the resources that were out there to help her so she could keep her baby. She said that inside the FPA just felt wrong how the women were sitting there with their boyfriends waiting to abort. Inside upstairs she said was bad karma. Talked to her about adoption; she said, "I don't think I could give my baby away." I asked her then how can you come here to have your baby killed; she answered I can't and said she wanted to keep her baby. We talked more and she asked if she could come to Mass with me. she needs God in her life ...I said of course you can.

Ana, hispanic 01/15/10- Young mother came with her little son, but she could not enter. Took her to Birthchoice where she had an ultrasound and found out she was further along than she thought and could not take the abortion pill. Talked to her at length about abortion and its dangers. Appealed to her as a mother. She was separated and the baby was not from her boyfriend. She said she would think about it and till now has not returned to abort.

Marianna, hispanic 01/19/10- Mother of two; her husband didn't want any more children and is currently unemployed. He already had asked her to abort a child that had her feeling pain and guilty that she had killed her child. She lied to us about why she was there; she came out and told me she wanted to tell me why she was really there and she started crying. She did not want to abort again. I comforted her and told her she did not have to do it that we were there for her to help her. I talked to her about confession and healing. She went home and told her husband that she was having her baby and she needed his support and if he couldn't do that she had found people that would help her. He told her that he would be there for her.

Inez, hispanic 01/20/10- Mother of two-year-old daughter, said she was there for an ultrasound and to schedule an abortion. Talked to her about how the baby will suffer and that there was help so she can have her baby. She took the literature; we told her they would not let her see the ultrasound inside and she can get one at Birthchoice. She went in to FPA, but later she came out and confirmed they did not let her see the ultrasound. Walked her over to Birthchoice, where she had an ultrasound and found out she was 14 weeks. She chose life after seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat.

Carla, hispanic 01/23/10- Entered FPA; they gave her an ultrasound and did not allow her to see it, but while signing papers for the abortion the paper slid and she saw her baby and decided not to abort.

Yvette, hispanic 01/25/10- Came with her sister who lied to us, said she was having the abortion. Showed her the 12-week baby fetal model and told her what abortion is. They listened as we talked, and the sister who was there to abort took literature and entered. She later came out and said she was keeping her baby; she was not having the abortion. She thanked us.

Susanna, hispanic 01/25/10- Couple came; they took literature, didn't say anything, just thank you. Told them FPA was dangerous for women and the baby will feel the pain and showed the fetal model as they walked past. They came out and said that we had convinced them to keep the baby. They said that inside upstairs was not right; it was scarey. The literature and the photo of the procedure showed them how their child would die.

Mona, hispanic 01/26/10- She came with a friend who encouraged her to listen to us as we told her what abortion is, and the friend took the literature. She was there for the abortion pill. She was supposed to be there the day before but for some reason didn't make it there. She said "only God knows why." As she sat there waiting she read the papers and saw the procedure photo and came out to talk to us. She decided to put her baby up for adoption.