Friday, February 19, 2010

News from the Trenches: Here are Today's Saints:

In the midst of torrential downpours

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, San Diego, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010

On a day on which we encountered intermittent torrential downpours of rain, we were blessed with fourteen faithful prayer warriors and three sidewalk counselors – and, thanks be to Almighty God, one precious pre-born life saved.

Anne, one of the newer sidewalk counselors, intercepted a van entering the parking lot, closest to the pyramid. The van parked and a young man got out and walked over to her with questions on the flier she handed him outlining the medical malpractice history of the abortionist. He also informed her that his family did not have the money to support another child, that he didn't know if we were there for religious purposes or not, but that he would rather go to hell than see another unwanted child come into the world. Anne answered most of his questions then, feeling she could use some assistance, she signaled Terry (who was at the main driveway) to come help her out.

Terry asked the young man who the pregnant one was, and he said it was "M," his mother. He said she was eight weeks pregnant and wanted a surgical abortion. He said that they had first gone to Planned Parenthood, but that they couldn't take her because they were full. Terry then reviewed the medical malpractice history of the abortionist, answering how someone with that kind of history could still do abortions, the dangers of any abortions and all the alternatives -- including Culture of Life Family Services and adoption.

The young man then returned to the van, where he stayed for quite a while. After a bit, he emerged with a young woman wearing a black skull and crossbones sweatshirt and headed right into the mill. Less than five minutes later they came out.

While Terry was speaking to the young man, Anne intercepted another car with three young women, handing them a flier on the abortionist's history as well. They told her they were concerned, but came from Calexico and wanted to do "it" today. One of the young girls told Anne she was approximately six weeks pregnant. Anne told her she didn't have to do this, to take the time to talk to Dr. Delgado, and handed her a brochure on the physical and emotional risks and effects of any abortion. They pulled into the lot, sat in the car for a while, but, sadly, went into the mill.

When Terry returned to the main driveway, she alerted the prayer warriors that there was a life-and-death decision taking place at that very moment -- "M" -- and asked them to join us while we all prayed with intensity. As the van sat in the parking lot, Terry flagged it over to her driveway. An older man was driving with an older woman sitting next to him in the front, in the rear were three young women, the young man and four dogs. Terry asked the driver (the father) if it was the daughter who was really pregnant and he acknowledged that it was. Addressing the father, the mother and the young woman, Terry told them that there was help available for "M" and that they need not worry about having insurance, that she knew of a good doctor who could ensure "M" would receive all the assistance she needed, no matter what.

Terry said she understood the father's concern for his daughter and the stress the family was facing, but that COLFS would be able to address all their concerns, encouraging him to have "M" contact COLFS. The father said he phoned but that he got a message machine. Terry asked if he had left a message, and he said he did not. She said he should, because someone would contact him this day. However, if he wanted to wait he could phone the following week and a live person would answer and his young daughter could see the doctor. Looking quite distressed, the father agreed to contact COLFS the following week and asked Terry for another COLFS business card, stating they would call, and then they left. Please pray for "M" to continue to give life to her pre-born baby.

Luis, arriving a bit later than usual, was able to speak to two Hispanic couples. Neither of these couples spoke English. One of the young woman, "M," read the Spanish flier that listed the abortionist's malpractice lawsuits, and Luis encouraged both to go to COLFS as soon as possible, where a quality doctor could care for the women's health. He, also, handed "M" a rosary. While both couples indicated they were grateful for the information and spent time in their cars reading the flier, they eventually went into the mill and were still inside when we left.

As we were exiting the parking lot, Terry noticed a young man who had left the abortion mill after leaving his girlfriend inside. Approaching him, she asked him if he would like a rosary. Startled at first, he said, "OK." Introducing herself, she asked his name and that of his friends (J & M). "J" shared with Terry that his friend's mom had just passed away the week before they came to the mill and that the mother's name was also Terry.

After expressing her sorrow for their loss and letting him know she would pray for her, she asked him if it was his girlfriend he had left in the mill. He said it was. Terry asked "J" how long he and his girlfriend had been together, and he told her a little less than a year. She also asked whose idea the abortion was and he, "J," told her it was his girlfriend's. Terry then explained to "J" exactly what happens to the pre-born baby and the woman during any abortion (in detail), showing him the six-week ectopic baby picture. When she did, "J" began to cry. She asked him if he thought he could go back up and get his girl to come out, but he said it was too late. Asking him if he believed in God, he said yes, that he was Catholic. She then asked him what part of town he lived in and he told her Oceanside. She told him she knew of a Catholic Church (St. Mary Star of the Sea) as well as the pastor and gave "J" his name. "J" immediately looked up at her, smiled, and said that his first child was baptized at that church. Terry encouraged "J" to contact the pastor of the church for a confession or at the very least to talk to him about coming to the mill today and why. He told Terry he thought it would be a good idea and would like to do that. He looked sad, but somehow relieved, so Terry asked him if she could give him a hug. He readily said yes. As she did, she told him that the Catholic Church and the sacraments could heal him and that she would pray that he would follow through contacting the pastor. Smiling now, he said, "I am going to do it. Thank you so much."

Thank you to all the prayer warriors who came out during the storm, for all of you who always pray wherever you may be. Please continue to pray for "M" that she continues to choose life for her pre-born baby, for "J," that he returns to the Catholic Church (contacting the pastor he knows), and for all those who had an abortion today.