Monday, February 22, 2010

A new pro-life awareness campaign, Baby Blue Laces for Life

Baby Blue Laces for Life Fills in Financial Gaps While Raising Pro-Life Awareness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Feb. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new pro-life awareness campaign, Baby Blue Laces for Life, has quickly gained interest, exposure, and support from pro life communities nationwide. Baby Blue Laces for Life has developed a creative way to spread the pro-life message day in and day out in order to continue changing minds and hearts about abortion.

By wearing shoelaces in a baby blue color with the words "Laces for Life" printed on them, pro lifers have a soft, but highly visibly, and non-intrusive way to stand up for life. The main goal behind Baby Blue Laces for Life is to continue encouraging pro-lifers to show where they stand on pro-life issues.

The founder of Baby Blue Laces for Life, David Pico, explains, "The Laces for Life are a silent reminder to those who see them that life is precious and worth standing up for. You never know who is going to see them and the affects they can have on people."

In addition to raising awareness through the shoelaces, this puts the organization in a position to be able to raise proceeds as well. Recently, Mr. Pico was invited onto the National Pro Life Radio program, Daily Life News with Day Gardner, where he announced the intentions for the proceeds from Baby Blue Laces for Life. The proceeds will be donated each month to pro life non-profit organizations and crisis pregnancy centers in financial need nationwide.

Baby Blue Laces for Life has quickly gained participation from the pro-life communities nationwide, and have a schedule of organizations to donate to in upcoming months. The donation list continues to grow as the participation in the shoelaces is widening in scope. The shoelaces have provided not only a great way for individuals to stand up for life, but it has shown to be an excellent private fundraiser for many pro-life youth groups, as well.

Baby Blue Laces for Life looks to help fill in the financial gaps where donations have fallen due to economic downturn for pro life non-profit organizations and pregnancy centers, and most importantly raise awareness for pro-life issues.