Friday, February 12, 2010

Matt C. Abbott: "'Bubble' trouble: Planned Parenthood called S.W.A.T. team on pro-lifers"

Matt C. Abbott column
'Bubble' trouble: Planned Parenthood called S.W.A.T. team on pro-lifers

Matt C. Abbott
Matt C. Abbott
February 12, 2010

From Joe Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League:

    'It's been three months since the City of Chicago began enforcing the hideous new 'Bubble Zone' law, and we're really taking a beating.

    'Since the first day it took effect, the police have demonstrated profound confusion about the law, and their orders and threats have been unpredictable. My sidewalk counselors never know what they're going to hear next.

    'One Saturday,
    Planned Parenthood even called out the S.W.A.T. Team to confront the peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors at their north side abortion mill — including a mother counseling with her five-year-old daughter in her arms.

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Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic columnist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management from Triton College in River Grove, Ill. He has worked in the right-to-life movement and is a published writer focused on Catholic and social issues. He can be reached at