Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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 Judie Brown
Ignoring Human Rights Has Become the American Way

Our rights as human beings really should not need to be debated. When God gives life to a person, it is in the form of a tiny baby who must grow inside a woman to become strong and healthy. It is the mother's responsibility to care for this small child. While our country allows us to kill these innocent children at whim, there are now some people being prosecuted for actions that have led to the death of their preborn babies. Today's commentary discusses the disparity between these views regarding the actions of expectant mothers and stresses the fact that personhood for all is of the utmost importance.          


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The NPLTWeekend contest buzz is steadily increasing.  Yesterday we released a mini-contest to show people how the new task matrix worked and within 8 hours we had three winners.  Mary C, Rachel E, and Brian P each won a pro-life T-shirt which they can use for the photo contest!  They simply had to match 8 task clues in the task matrix before anyone else did and post their results to the official NPLTW Facebook page.

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This summer, the tasks are based off of clues that have been provided already. This contest differs from the normal contest which took place in April/May of this year in that for each task, the requirement for the task is repeatable. This means that, instead of earning the points for a task once, a contestant can either repeat the task in another photo or duplicate the requirements of the task in a single photo multiple times. We are hoping that this adds a new strategic element to the contest and changes it from a really large photo scavenger hunt into a real competitive game where planning and thinking ahead will have direct impact on performance.


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Scientists warn new strain of sexually transmitted disease could be 'global health threat'

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A new strain of one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases has scientists warning that the "superbug" could cause a "future era of untreatable gonorrhea." Gonorrhea is a common bacterial sexually transmitted disease that can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility in both men and women. Often caused by promiscuous sexual activity, the infection usually goes undetected in women who can pass it on to their unborn child during pregnancy; in men, the disease is also often undiagnosed or undetected. Left without treatment, Gonorrhea can become life threatening. Yet, experts say they may not be able to cure the sexually transmitted infection in the future. The most recent strain, dubbed "H041," was discovered recently in Japan and has resisted typical antibiotics used to combat gonorrhea.             

UN agencies increase funding to embattled Planned Parenthood

UN agencies have stepped up funding of International Planned Parenthood Federation despite an economic downturn and increasing government reticence to fund the organization over abortion. Although governments have reduced or eliminated funding of Planned Parenthood, UN agencies are still filling IPPF coffers with grants. In 2010, UNFPA increased its contribution to over $1.6 million. The newest UN agency, UN Women, debuted on IPPF's list of donors with a contribution of over $330,000. UNAIDS gave IPPF more than $1 million. Rounding out contributions from UN agencies, the World Bank, UNAIDS and the WHO also gave over $400,000 collective, despite not contributing at all in 2009.