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  • Medicaid officials in Ohio send "drug dealers" to Planned Parenthood to get abortions for 12-year-old "sisters"                         
  • Medicaid paid $1.3 billion for "family planning"; taxpayers funded 177,000 abortions    
  • Planned Parenthood's abuse of Medicaid        
  • Video: The connection between government funding and Planned Parenthood abortions  
  • STOPP launches new action center for defunding Planned Parenthood  
  • Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary
  • Victory: Gainesville, TX, Planned Parenthood facility set to close      


Medicaid officials in Ohio send "drug dealers" to get Planned Parenthood abortion for 12-year-old "sisters"

Posing as a Russian drug dealer with an $800,000 car and 12-year-old sisters who "need" abortions because they provide sexual favors for drug clients, James O'Keefe -- of busting ACORN fame -- videotaped a Medicaid official in Ohio coaching self-identified foreign drug dealers on how to sidestep reporting expensive assets and their drug dealing business in order to obtain Medicaid.

The actors went so far as to ask whether Medicaid officials would pry up floorboards in their house to expose their drug cache, and were assured they would not. The actors then called back to thank the Medicaid office for helping them, and another Medicaid officialcoached them specifically to call Planned Parenthood directly, rather than 2-1-1, to get confidential abortions for the 12-year-old girls.

Planned Parenthood receives the bulk of its government funding from Medicaid. Medicaid funding dwarfs Title X funding which is now being diverted from Planned Parenthood in several states and must be stopped.

This issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report sheds more light on just how important government funding is to Planned Parenthood's abortion business model. Please read the entire issue and watch the linked videos so that you will be better equipped for the fight to stop public funding of Planned Parenthood.

Medicaid paid $1.3 billion for "family planning"; taxpayers funded 177,000 abortions

The chart below, from Planned Parenthood's sidekick the Guttmacher Institute, shows that Medicaid provided 70.6 percent of "expenditures on family planning client services" during the fiscal year 2006 for an astounding total of $1.3 billion!

Since Planned Parenthood segregates government grants and programs from client fees in its annual reports, and Medicaid is paying 70.6 percent of expenditures on family planning client services, the $300,000 annual amount that Planned Parenthood reports as coming from government grants and programs is likely a very small percentage of the actual amount the government pays for "services" at Planned Parenthood.

While Title X is often thought to be the main source of government funding to Planned Parenthood, Title X federal family planning funds accounted for only 13.1 percent, or $241 million of family planning client services in 2006.

Medicaid is a joint program of federal and state governments, with each providing money for the program. With Planned Parenthood relying heavily upon public funding, it is easy to see that Medicaid is the real cash cow supporting the abortion profiteer.

Medicaid dwarfs Title X

 Public expenditures on family planning client services, FY 2006

The Guttmacher Institute

WSR Medicaid

The Guttmacher report goes on to say: "The state and federal governments spent $89 million to fund 177,000 abortion procedures for low-income women in FY 2006. The federal government contributed to the cost of only 191 procedures. Virtually all publicly funded abortion procedures occurred in the 17 states that have nonrestrictive abortion policies."

"Nonrestrictive abortion policies" refers to the fact that 17 states allow the state portion of Medicaid funds to pay directly for abortions under circumstances prohibited by the Hyde Amendment.

So while Planned Parenthood hides behind the Hyde Amendment , saying over and over again that Title X and Medicaid do not directly fund abortions, the Guttmacher Institute very clearly reports that government funds paid directly for 177,000 abortions on low-income women in 2006, and reveals the overwhelming percentage of "family planning" funding emanates from the Medicaid program.

Ask your legislators on the state and federal levels today to concentrate on eliminating ALL funding to Planned Parenthood. You can read our action alert and contact your federal representative and senators through our new action center here . Contact your state legislators here .     

Planned Parenthood's abuse of Medicaid
In light of the recent sting of the Ohio Medicaid office that shows Medicaid employees' willingness to circumvent the law and send 12-year-old girls directly to Planned Parenthood for abortions without reporting the underage abuse to law enforcement, coupled with the fact that Medicaid provides an overwhelming amount of income for the abortion profiteer with no real consequences for fraud or misappropriation of those funds, it is high time for an investigation into the Medicaid/Planned Parenthood funding connection.

Planned Parenthood has been found culpable in overbilling Medicaid time and time again, with no substantial consequences. In fact, in California the $5.2 million wrongfully taken from taxpayers via Medicaid overbilling has been forgiven, and government officials went so far as to push for rewriting of the law to allow Planned Parenthood to charge exorbitantly marked up amounts for birth control that it purchases at cut rate prices. Former PP employee Victor Gonzalez alleges in his whistle blower lawsuit that Planned Parenthood affiliates in California overbilled Medicaid in excess of $180 million over a six-year period.

For more information on how Planned Parenthood overbills taxpayers, click here .  

Video: The connection between government funding and Planned Parenthood abortions

American Life League just released its latest video report entitled "Hiding Behind Hyde." It is an exposé on the correlation between government funding and Planned Parenthood abortions. View the video here .     

STOPP launches new action center for defunding Planned Parenthood
This week STOPP announced the launch of a major educational campaign to raise public awareness, supported by an action center that helps citizens to stop waste, fraud, and the abuse of public funds by Planned Parenthood.

"Our Defunding Planned Parenthood Action Center is the first to integrate short educational videos, current research, and up-to-the-moment news with user friendly technology that will help inform, motivate, and empower citizens to make a difference," said Johanna Dasteel, who headed the development of the action center over the last several months. "We are witnessing an explosion all across the country from average citizens who do not want to see Planned Parenthood get another penny of taxpayer money. Our action center will help those voices be heard."

Go to today to get involved. Don't forget to send a link to your friends and family.  

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary


It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we see the extent of corruption and cooperation that exists between Planned Parenthood and agencies of the United States government, extending all the way to Planned Parenthood's entanglement with President Obama himself.

Though these ties may seem insurmountable, nothing is impossible when the Mother of God is on our side. And we know that she is indeed, on the side of life.

We call again today and every day on Mary, the Mother of God, to stop Planned Parenthood. Please visit our website today, , to join our campaign asking Mary to stop Planned Parenthood once and for all.

Victory: Gainesville, TX, Planned Parenthood facility set to close


Planned Parenthood of North Texas has announced it will close its Gainesville, TX, facility effective Aug. 29, 2011. It cited inadequate government funding as the reason for the closure.

"Like many healthcare providers facing funding cuts after this Texas Legislative session, Planned Parenthood is adjusting its business model to ensure that our mission of providing healthcare education and advocacy across Texas remains strong," PP CEO Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht was referring to the $47 million cut the abortion giant took to its state -controlled taxpayer funding - the largest to date in any state.

The admission that it is adjusting its "business model" speaks volumes about what Planned Parenthood is and is not. It is not a benevolent non-profit organization that is interested in delivering health services to the underprivileged in remote areas. It is a profit-hungry abortion and sex-pushing business that continues to close down facilities that do not produce the profits it seeks, so that it can concentrate on its lucrative abortion business.

Congratulations to the good people of Gainesville and the entire state of Texas for working so hard to defund Planned Parenthood. We look forward to the folding of many more Texas Planned Parenthood facilities in the days to come.

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