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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Check out the 1 minute video from BlackandProlife.org. Wow! The new, young leaders of the movement are showing some amazing creativity.

Archbishop Chaput moves to the important diocese of Philadelphia. Another wow. Church liberals are not happy that such a faithful, outspoken, strongly pro-life, pro-family prelate has been given this important diocese.

I met Reggie Litteljohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers in Washington last week. She is one lovely, gutsy, humble woman who kind of just fell into her role of exposing China’s current forced abortion misdeeds. She is telling the heartbreaking stories everywhere and needs all the support she can get for this mission of calling to account the Communist Party of China. Heroic.

Yesterday’s article on Harry Potter has garnered many comments both pro and con. It always amazes us how hostile some become over reports with negative comments about Potter. It has resulted in some of the more vicious, over-the-top trashing of LifeSiteNews that we have experienced - and from fellow Christians. Disturbing and puzzling.

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Steve Jalsevac

Powerful 1 min. video: abortion, the #1 killer of blacks

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jul 19 18:27 EST Abortion

"When will our black leaders take an honest look at these numbers, become outraged and do something," asked Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath of Protecting Black Life.

UPDATED: Obama admin takes elderly pro-life sidewalk counselor to court

John-Henry Westen Tue Jul 19 17:05 EST Abortion

When LifeSiteNews.com contacted Retta for comment today, the shocked veteran pro-life activist said that he was unaware that the lawsuit had been filed against him. and that he had not been informed by the Department of Justice.

Irish priests must break seal of confession or face prison: new legislation introduced

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jul 19 12:30 EST Faith

David Quinn, director of the think-tank the Iona Institute, pointed out: "No child abuser will go to a priest in confession knowing the priest is required to inform the police."

Suspended priest sells $750 ‘Catholic Nuptual Mass’ for gay couples

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jul 19 18:00 EST Faith

A diocesan spokesman told LifeSiteNews.com that the diocese "has no comment on Geoffrey Farrow," since the priest left his parish duties two years ago.

After years of pro-life leadership, Cardinal Rigali retires

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jul 19 17:48 EST Abortion

For the American pro-life community, Rigali will be remembered for his legacy of unwavering opposition to abortion, especially as chair of the pro-life office of the USCCB.

Cardinal Rigali

New York senators receive hefty donations from New York Mayor for gay ‘marriage’ vote

Christine Dhanagom Tue Jul 19 16:00 EST Homosexuality

All four Republicans who voted in favor of gay “marriage” received hefty donations from New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to new finance reports.

Exclusive: Archbishop speaks out as Catholic Maryland Gov. pushes gay ‘marriage’

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jul 19 15:55 EST Homosexuality

The archbishop of Baltimore is warning Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley that he will have a vigorous fight on his hands if he tries to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

Illinois to continue referring children to Catholic Charities, after gay unions flap

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jul 19 15:23 EST Faith

The state backed down Monday in the face of an emergency motion, after telling media last week that they would cease referring new children to Catholic Charities.

Pro-life giant Archbishop Chaput tapped for Philadelphia diocese

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jul 19 13:59 EST Abortion

Chaput is renowned not only for his strong pro-life pastoral ministry, but also for his outspoken defense of Catholic values in the public sphere.

IVF clinic aborts babies after implanting them in wrong woman

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jul 19 13:07 EST Abortion

The Victory A.R.T. Laboratory realized the mix-up quickly and, according to the BBC, then had the embryos “taken out and discarded.”

Russian President signs law mandating health warnings on abortion advertising

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jul 19 11:29 EST Abortion

While official government statistics show the abortion rate as slowing, Russian women still have an average of seven abortions through their lifetimes.

Mexican pro-lifers file human rights complaint over murder of 61,000 unborn babies

LifeSiteNews.com Tue Jul 19 10:54 EST Abortion

In the past four years, "the government of the Federal District has murdered 61,915 people in the wombs of their mothers," the complaint states.

Mexican politicians seek to redefine embryo to allow commercialization

LifeSiteNews staff Tue Jul 19 10:36 EST Bioethics

The initiative would redefine an embryo or zygote in the earliest stages of life as a "fertilized ovum," meaning that the embryo would only be regarded as a "human cell" and not a "life."

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