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Friday, July 29, 2011

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• NARAL Blasts 2012 Republicans for Pro-Life Abortion Views

• Perry Challenged to Back Federal Amdt Stopping Abortions

Polls Show Obama s Popular Support at Historic Low Levels
• Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor s Free Speech Rights

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• Ignore Man Behind Curtain, Planned Parenthood is About Abortion
• Planned Parenthood Webcam Abortion Safety Study Not Credible
• Catholics for Ron Paul Effort Supports His Pro-Life Stance
• Planned Parenthood Like Joe Camel Selling Sex, Abortion to Kids
• Colorado Catholic Hospital Facing Protest Over Abortionist
• Pro-Life Girls Protest Abortion Again After Strip Search Incident
• Man Can Keep Up Billboard Condemning Girlfriend s Abortion
• UN Youth Conference Ignores Concerns From Pro-Life Attendees
• Treating Advanced Breast Cancer With Adult Stem Cells

NARAL Blasts 2012 Republicans for Pro-Life Abortion Views
Leading pro-abortion group NARAL released a report today on the Republican presidential hopefuls and the organization says essentially all of the Republican presidential candidates are pro-life on abortion.

With the exception of former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is not regarded as a likely presidential contender, none of the 15 Republicans who are running or have hinted at a bid for the GOP nomination are acceptable to NARAL. That confirms, for pro-life voters, that the field is made up of pro-life advocates who have track records supporting pro-life bills and laws and who would represent a marked changed from the extensive pro-abortion policies President Barack Obama has implemented during his tenure in the White House.

NARAL has identified the 12 most prominent potential contenders as presenting what it calls a threat to women s access to abortion and family-planning services.

NARAL Communications Director Ted Miller, in a press briefing today, told reporters, As the campaign evolves and one of these candidates emerges, we will be comparing his or her [record on abortion rights] to Baa s. This first look at the candidates comes just days before the Iowa straw poll that will take place in Ames.

Melissa Moskowitz, deputy policy director and general counsel for the group added that NARAL believes all of the Republican candidates are anti-choice.

Perry Challenged to Back Federal Amdt Stopping Abortions
This week, Texas governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry took a states rights position on abortion saying states should have the ability to ban abortions. Now, a pro-life organization is challenging him to go a step further by endorsing a federal Constitutional amendment that would offer legal protection for unborn children.

As LifeNews reported, Perry told ABC News about the need for the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision to be reversed and for states to be able to protect unborn children, saying, You either have to believe in the 10th Amendment or you don t.

You can t believe in the 10th Amendment for a few issues and then [for] something that doesn t suit you say, We d rather not have states decide that, he added.

Today, Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser responded to these statements. She pointed out that Perry, at a recent event for pro-life Hispanics in Los Angeles, said, Somehow, the folks in Washington have forgotten, or chosen to ignore, the overriding responsibility of every government: to protect citizens at every stage in life, especially those who cannot protect themselves.

Dannenfelser told LifeNews she appreciate s Perry s pro-life convictions and abortion opposition, but wants him to understand that support for a federal role in protecting unborn children is important.

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Polls Show Obama s Popular Support at Historic Low Levels
New polling data from multiple sources shows pro-abortion President Barack Obama hitting his lowest levels of support at any time point in his presidency.

Gallup tracks daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president and its results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 national adults. The new Gallup survey out today shows 50 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing while just 40 percent approve.

Obama hit a 50 percent disapproval level in Gallup s survey just once in August 2010 and his approval rating has never dropped to 40 percent before.

The numbers come before today s difficult economic news showing GDP rising lower than expected and the Dow dropping significantly on the news. The survey also is conducted with only adults rather than registered or likely voters and polls using voters or those most likely to turn out for an election typically show better numbers for Republicans. That makes it so Obama s numbers may be worse off than the meager 40 percent approval rating he received from Gallup.

The Gallup survey follows a late July poll of 1,500 registered voters by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press that finds support for Obama among independents has fallen from 42 percent in May to 31 percent while his disapproval with them has shot up to 54 percent.

Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor s Free Speech Rights
The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous 3-0 decision late yesterday in a case involving pro-life pastor Walter Hoye and Oakland s denial of his free speech rights in the context of abortion.

Hoye, a pastor who has highlighted the problem of high abortion rates in the African-American community, saw his rights to provide abortion alternatives information to women outside local abortion facilities denied when Oakland city officials passed the buffer law preventing him, or any pro-life advocate, from coming within 8 feet of the abortion center or women heading to it.

In issuing the opinion in Hoye v. Oakland, the appeals court agreed with the Life Legal Defense Foundation, a pro-life law firm representing Hoye, in seeing the ordinance as an unconstitutional infringement of free speech. We agree with Hoye that there are grave constitutional problems with the manner in which the City has understood and enforced its Ordinance, the court, led by Circuit Judge Marsha S. Berzon, wrote.

The court reversed the district court s determination that the ordinance is valid as the city applies it, because the City discriminates in enforcing the ordinance against Hoye but not other speakers. The City only prosecutes persons for approaching women within the bubble zone if they are trying to persuade the woman not to have the abortion while abortion center staffers and others facilitating abortions can approach and give the women whatever message they want often urging women to ignore Hoye.

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Ignore Man Behind Curtain, Planned Parenthood is About Abortion
Margaret Sanger, founder of what is now today s Planned Parenthood Federation of America, made no secret about her reasons for wanting to expand the availability of birth control and abortions in the United States. In her book Birth Control Review, Sanger explains that the purpose of birth control was to create a race of thoroughbreds.

She was a staunch advancer of the cause to create a perfect race of people. She believed the only way to accomplish her goal was to prohibit, or at least discourage, certain groups of people which she called, human beings who never should have been born, from reproducing. Sanger saw birth control and abortion as the most effective means of accomplishing her goals, and thus Planned Parenthood was born (no pun intended).

For decades, Planned Parenthood has branded itself as an organization primarily concerned with women s access to safe and affordable health care as opposed to revealing openly to the public its abortion centered business model. For decades the organization has been telling the public, Sure, we do abortions, but mostly we are a low-cost health clinic. This attempt to direct people s attention to something positive the organization claims it is doing reminds me of something

The great and powerful Oz.

The man behind the curtain that convinces Dorothy and her trio of friends that he is going to grant them all the things they came to ask of him, as it turned out, was not the wizard he fools all of Oz into thinking he is. He was only a mortal man using deceptive trickery to fool the world into seeing what he wanted them to see.

In much the same way, Planned Parenthood s abortion driven agenda is really the force or the man behind the curtain leading the organization; it is not the pro-woman mantra they simply use as a tool of disguise.

Planned Parenthood Webcam Abortion Safety Study Not Credible
Planned Parenthood recently released information to the media that researchers said Planned Parenthood s webcam abortions were safe. The research is not credible as it comes from a radical abortion activist group called Ibis Reproductive Health, which focuses on promoting medication abortions (also known as RU-486 or chemical abortions.)

Who is Ibis Reproductive Health? Ibis a radical abortion activist group.

Ibis focuses on promotion of medication abortions:

Ibis #1 accomplishment listed on their website is: Expanding access to medication abortion. According to the Ibis website, Ibis founder Charlotte Ellertson had a special focus on emergency contraception and medication abortion and was instrumental in achieving the regulatory, clinical and policy changes that made these methods more widely available to women around the world. (Source:

Catholics for Ron Paul Effort Supports His Pro-Life Stance
Congressman Ron Paul s presidential campaign announced today a new effort oriented towards gaining the support of catholic Republicans in his bid for the GOP nomination to face pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Paul has been organized both nationally and in leading primary and caucus states like Iowa and New Hampshire and his pro-life views on abortion go along with his fiscally conservative views to attract a core following of supporters. His backers hope to add to it with Catholic voters by emphasizing his longstanding pro-life voting record and views as a physician who is pro-life.

The coalition aims to recruit national political, community and opinion leaders who identify both as Catholics and Ron Paul supporters.

To a devout Catholic, or any person of faith, the fact that Ron Paul s political positions are unwavering is appealing and admirable, said Matt DeVries, who serves on the Catholics for Ron Paul national advisory board.

Dr. Paul s record on the sanctity of life cannot be questioned. I appreciate that he offers pro-life advocates new ways of thinking on this important issue, such as through affirming states rights, DeVries, who serves as a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council 10282 out of All Saints Catholic Church in Des Moines, continued. DeVries is also a Ron Paul campaign co-chairman for Iowa s 3rd congressional district.

Planned Parenthood Like Joe Camel Selling Sex, Abortion to Kids
Remember Joe Camel? Remember the furor over Camel brand cigarettes and their cartoon icon being used to market something dangerous and deadly to children? We were concerned that something children were doing in the present moment might well come back to bite them three or four decades later in the form of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Rightfully so.

Colorado Catholic Hospital Facing Protest Over Abortionist
A Catholic hospital in Colorado will face protests next Thursday by pro-life advocates who are upset that it has in its employment an abortion practitioner who works at Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Life Girls Protest Abortion Again After Strip Search Incident
The pro-life girls and other pro-life advocates who were shacked and subjected to strip searchers after protesting abortion in Maryland a few years ago are back to protest again now that courts have ruled in their favor.

Man Can Keep Up Billboard Condemning Girlfriend s Abortion
A state judge in New Mexico has ruled that a man can keep up, for now, the billboard he paid for that condemns his girlfriend s apparent abortion an advertisement that has generated national controversy.

Young People Take Pro-Life Message to UN Youth Event
The enthusiastic voices of pro-life youth from around the world dominated the events of this week s High Level Meeting on Youth at the United Nations, drawing the attention of UN bureaucrats and delegates alike.

UN Youth Conference Ignores Concerns From Pro-Life Attendees
When a young person attending this week s UN Youth Conference stood to ask a question and identified himself with a pro-life NGO, the moderator of the side event informed him that the panel was not interested in hearing his perspective.

Treating Advanced Breast Cancer With Adult Stem Cells
Stanford doctors have shown that women with advanced breast cancer show greater survival when treated with aggressive chemotherapy and their own adult stem cells.


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