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• Judge Dismisses Suit Against Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Funding

• Pro-Life Law Firm May Appeal Decision on Obama, ESCR Funding

Right to Life: Republican Presidential Candidates are Pro-Life
• Babies Born Alive in Toilets at Abortion Center, Left to Die

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• Gallup GOP Poll: Rick Perry Now Main Rival for Mitt Romney
• Planned Parenthood Lobbies Against Pro-Life Mexico City Policy
• Senate Committee Expected to Vote on Pro-Abortion Steve Six
• Siblings of People Dying in Abortions Suffer Depression
• How Can Pro-Life Advocates Reach More People on Abortion?
• Democrats Not as Strongly Pro-Abortion as Barack Obama
• Nebraska Abortions Down 10% Thanks to Fetal Pain Abortion Ban
• Montana Hires Ex-Planned Parenthood PR Flack to Head Tourism

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Funding
A federal judge has dismissed one of the lawsuits filed against President Barack Obama s executive order forcing taxpayers to finance embryonic stem cell research involving the destruction of human life.

Last August, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that Obama executive order likely violates that law against federal funding of embryo destruction. But, in April, a federal appeals court ruled Obama can force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research that has never helped any patients.

Responding to that decision, Judge Lamberth, today, dismissed the lawsuit Boston adult stem cell researcher James Shirley filed saying the decision discriminates against researchers who don t use embryonic stem cells. Lamberth said he is bound to follow the appeals court decision and had no choice but to dismiss the lawsuit.

Just months after he took over the White House, Obama overturned the protections President George W. Bush put into place that prevented taxpayer funding of new embryonic stem cell research but pushed millions of dollars into research associated with adult stem cells, which have already helped patients with more than 100 diseases and medical conditions. Bush also pumped money into finding embryonic stem cell research alternatives that don t involve destroying human embryos for their stem cells, and Obama overturned that executive order as well.

In lawsuits challenging the Obama executive order, plaintiffs contended the order violated the 1996 law known as the Dickey-Wicker amendment that prohibits the federal government from using taxpayer finds to destroy human embryos in scientific research.

Pro-Life Law Firm May Appeal Decision on Obama, ESCR Funding
A pro-life law firm says it may appeal a decision by a federal judge dismissing a lawsuit filed against the executive order President Barack Obama issued forcing Americans to pay for embryonic stem cell research.

The Alliance Defense Fund, responding to today s ruling by Judge Lamberth saying he must follow the decision of a Federal appeals court that wanted the case thrown out, said its attorneys will join Samuel B. Casey of the Jubilee Campaign s Law of Life Project and pro-life attorney Tom Hungar to consider filing the appeal. The pro-life legal team members are weighing all of their options for appeal in light of a federal judge s ruling that the embryonic funding can continue despite it violating a 1996 law prohibiting the funding of research destroying human embryos.

Americans should not be forced to pay for experiments that destroy human life, have produced no real-world treatments, and violate federal law, said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden.

He continued: The district court s injunction simply enforced that law, which makes sure Americans don t pay any more precious taxpayer dollars for needless research made irrelevant by adult stem cell and other research. The law is clear, and we intend to review all of our options for appeal of this decision. In these tough economic times, it makes no sense for the federal government to use taxpayer money for this illegal and unethical purpose.

Judge Lambeth explained that he believes his hands have been tied by an appellate court decision that reversed his August 2010 order to stop the funding in light of a federal law that prohibits it.

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Right to Life: Republican Presidential Candidates are Pro-Life
The National Right to Life Committee has produced a new comparison document outlining the positions of each of the Republican presidential candidates on abortion and the piece essentially says each of the candidates are pro-life.

Titled Where do the candidates stand on life? the NRLC document is a one-page flyer that comparison the pro-abortion policies and record of President Barack Obama with the positions of eight Republican presidential hopefuls in four areas: taxpayer funding of abortion, Roe v. Wade, funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business, and Obamacare. NRLC opposes Roe, abortion funding and funding of the abortion business, and opposed Obamacare because of abortion funding and rationing concerns.

Obama, not surprisingly, clocks in with pro-abortion positions in all four areas and his long track record of supporting abortion and forcing taxpayers to fund abortion will make him unelectable for any pro-life voter in 2012. None of the Republican candidates are shown as supporting either abortion, abortion funding or Obamacare.

Mitt Romney, who leads most GOP polls to this point,is shown as supporting the Hyde Amendment cutting off much abortion funding federally and opposing Roe, saying I support the reversal of Roe v. Wade, because it is bad law and bad medicine. Roe was a misguided ruling that was a result of a small group of activist federal judges legislating from the bench. He is also listed as supporting the reversal of Obamacare, even though he has been tagged by other Republican candidates like Tim Pawlenty as supporting a government-run health care program in Massachusetts that was a precursor of sorts.

Babies Born Alive in Toilets at Abortion Center, Left to Die
On July 21, 2011, a jury of six found that the notorious late-term abortionist James Scott Pendergraft IV was liable for injuries sustained by a pre-born baby during a failed abortion ten years ago. The jury stunned eye-witnesses in the courtroom by ordering Pendergraft to pay $36,737,660.16 in compensatory and punitive damages.

The case is number 2004-CA-001202 captioned C. H. et al. v. James Scott Pendergraft IV, et al.

Yesterday, Operation Rescue obtained two amended complaints in the case that finally concluded last week. Court authorities told Operation Rescue that the case had generated 16 volumes of documents, which were all sealed by the court. However, at the direction of Operation Rescue, one pro-life activist was able to procure the rare documents through an open records request.

The documents reveal an almost typical abortion malpractice case of the kind that has occurred by the thousands over the years. What is extraordinary about this is that the aborted baby survived to sue her abortionist for a crippling monetary judgment. Most of these cases are settled out of court for undisclosed amounts of money, then sealed so the public never knows the truth about the dangers of abortion or the shoddy skills of abortion suppliers in America.

In this case, Pendergraft s pride may have been his downfall. If he d settled this case, we would not have the documentation of the horrific details of his seedy abortion business, said Newman. There was an attempt to seal this case, but the documents got out anyway.

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Gallup GOP Poll: Rick Perry Now Main Rival for Mitt Romney
A new Gallup poll released today shows pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry, should he decide to make a bid for the Republican nomination, is now the strongest candidate against the race s leader, former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

The poll finds Romney at 17 percent and Perry at 15 percent and it has pro-life former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who appears less likely to run, at 12 percent. Michelle Bachmann, the pro-life Minnesota congresswoman, receives 11 percent as does pro-abortion former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who does not appear likely to seek the GOP nomination against pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Ron Paul, the pro-life Texas congressman, comes in with 8 percent, pro-life businessman and pro-life former Speaker Newt Gingrich each receive 3 percent, and pro-life former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pro-life former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and pro-life former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman each receive the support of 2 percent of Republicans in the Gallup survey.

Gallup also looked at three different scenarios with only Perry, only Palin and only Giuliani added to the mix of candidates currently running for the Republican nod. With only Perry added in what appears to be the most likely scenario in the coming weeks Romney leads with 23 percent to 18 for Perry, 13 for Bachmann, 10 for Paul, 6 for Gingrich, and the other candidates receive 4 percent or less.

If only Palin joins the current field, Romney leads with 23 percent, Bachmann places second with 16 percent, Palin gets 15 percent, Paul has 9 percent and the rest of the field comes in at 5 percent or less. And if only Giuliani joins the field, Romney again leads with 23 percent, Bachmann captures 17 percent, Giuliani takes 14 percent, Paul earns 9 percent and the rest of the field receives 6 percent or less.

Planned Parenthood Lobbies Against Pro-Life Mexico City Policy
The Planned Parenthood abortion business is not happy that a U.S. House committee has approved legislation that would put the Mexico City Policy back in place. The policy, which President Barack Obama ditched during his first week in office, prevents the funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas.

Planned Parenthood is one of the major recipients of millions of dollars through the State Department and the USAID program and the abortion business refused to stop doing abortions or lobbying other nations to change their pro-life laws during the Bush administration so it could receive funds for non-abortion family planning services.

Now, enjoying the revenue stream from the federal government for its foreign activities that Obama turned back on, Planned Parenthood doesn t want to see Congress turn it off again.

Senate Committee Expected to Vote on Pro-Abortion Steve Six
After his two home state Senators announced opposition to his nomination by President Barack Obama to a federal appeals court, pro-abortion former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six has seen expected votes in the Senate Judiciary come and go without action. Now, another vote is expected on the controversial nominee on Thursday in the committee that Democrats control.

James A. Christophersen, the director of the Judicial Action Group, says members of the judiciary panel should vote no on Six s nomination because the nominee has not been forthcoming in his answers to the committee.

Despite his lack of candor before the Senate judiciary committee last month, Steve Six, Nominee to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals remains on the calendar for a vote, he said in an email to LifeNews. Six s nomination temporarily stalled in committee due to last month s public statements of the Kansas Senators, however, this momentary pause will not last without more direct and intentional opposition of Senators Roberts and Moran.

Despite steps taken so far, Senator Leahy has still called for a committee vote on Six to take place this Thursday, he adds. Contact Senator Roberts and Senator Moran and encourage them to directly ask Senator Leahy to observe Senate traditions and halt Steve Six s nomination because of their opposition. Both Kansas Senators need support and encouragement to immediately make a formal and direct statement to Senator Leahy, and to strengthen their public statements of opposition.

Siblings of People Dying in Abortions Suffer Depression
Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of people suffering the effects of being alive when a sibling was aborted is vitally important to physicians and politicians. The resulting syndrome is so deeply damaging and difficult to treat it can help explain many psychiatric and medical illnesses. PASS affects such a large numbers of people, it helps explain voting and economic trends.

How Can Pro-Life Advocates Reach More People on Abortion?
Two pro-life advocates have ideas on how the pro-life movement can reach more people with the pro-life perspective and encourage them to oppose abortions.

Democrats Not as Strongly Pro-Abortion as Barack Obama
The new Gallup poll showing Americans strongly supporting some of the kinds of pro-life laws that have been successful in stopping abortions around the country and reducing them to historic lows in some states has another interesting conclusion.

Nebraska Abortions Down 10% Thanks to Fetal Pain Abortion Ban
Nebraska abortions are down 10 percent during the first six months of 2011, according to a preliminary report from the state health department, and it appears a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy may be the cause.

Montana Hires Ex-Planned Parenthood PR Flack to Head Tourism
Travelers thinking of heading to the beautiful state of Montana for a vacation may be re-thinking their decision now that the administration of pro-abortion Gov. Brian Schweitzer has hired a former Planned Parenthood PR person to head up promoting tourism.


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