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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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• IOM Decision May Force Americans to Have Pro-Abortion Health Care

• The Economic Cost of Abortion: $202 Billion in Lost Taxes

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood
• IOM Obamacare Decision Wrongly Assumes Pregnancy a Disease

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• Anti-Choice a Dishonest, Inaccurate Term in Abortion Debate
• Planned Parenthood Hits Snag in Opening New California Center
• Democrats Are Pro-Choice on Abortion, But Little Else
• NPR Censors Pro-Life Perspective in Debate on Black Abortions
• Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Backs Candidates in August Recall
• Kansas: Kline Says Grand Jury Killed Case Against Abortion Biz
• Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions
• Adult Stem Cells Helping Patients With Scleroderma Skin Disease
• Minnesota Pro-Life Rep. Cravaack Gets Pro-Abortion Challenger

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IOM Decision May Force Americans to Have Pro-Abortion Health Care
Yesterday, the Institute of Medicine recommended that the Obama administration approve new guidelines calling for the Obamacare health care system to require every health insurance plan to cover all FDA-approved birth control drugs.

The decision, which is expected to be adopted by the Health and Human Services Department has far-reaching effects because it would force insurance companies to include coverage of drugs like the Plan B pill that may cause an early abortion of a newly-conceived unborn child or the Ella drug, which causes abortions days after conception. Health insurance plans would likely pass on the increased coverage costs to consumers.

Americans United for Life staff counsel Anna Franzonello said today that the Institute of Medicine s (IOM) recommendations on preventive services for women are unsurprisingly supportive of abortion-inducing drugs because the IOM chose to invite abortion advocacy groups to the table to make recommendations. Franzonello, who testified before the IOM during hearings asking that the birth control and abortion-causing drugs not be included, says the Obama administration is responsible for the stacked hearings that led to the IOM recommendations.

If adopted, Franzonello says the recommendations would yield a horrendous result.

No American will be able to choose an insurance plan that does not include the abortion-inducing drug ella under the IOM plan released today, the pro-life AUL attorney explained. Despite the fact that ella can kill a human embryo even after implantation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled the drug as emergency contraception. Thus, the IOM s broad inclusion of the full-range of FDA approved contraceptives, includes ella. This really was a one-two punch by the FDA and IOM to force all Americans to pay for the abortion-inducing drug.

The Economic Cost of Abortion: $202 Billion in Lost Taxes
In 2008, there were over 1.2 million unborn children murdered by abortionists in the United States. Of course these babies, unlike those who chose to abort, had no choice , and they would probably rather NOT have died. I wonder if the social liberal pro-abortion types have considered all of the consequences of taking away so many lives from this nation over 52 million lives lost since 1973?

Admittedly, it is a rather cold, callous path of logic to analyze abortion in terms of economics, but let s go there for a few moments. Back in 1998, the late Larry Burkett, a highly-regarded author on Christian personal financial topics wrote The George Bailey Effect: Abortion-on-Demand and the Implications for America s Economic Future . Burkett examined abortion not from the moral perspective, but its impact on the economics of the United States. He makes a profound point:

This growing parity between the old and the young is at the heart of the demographic challenges that face Medicare and Social Security. Incredible as it may seem,by the time the peak of the baby boom generation reaches retirement age, the number of abortions since the Supreme Court s Roe v. Wade decision will equal the number of births in the baby boom. If only one-third of those who have been aborted were available to start work on their 18th birthday, speculated USA Today, the demise of Social Security would be put off for decades.

Indeed, it is largely because of abortion-on-demand that by the year 2030 the ratio of workers to Social Security beneficiaries will be reduced to only 2-to-1, according to a projection from the Social Security Board of Trustees. In other words, two workers will be supporting one retiree. (When the program began in the 1930s, 42 workers supported each retiree.)

The murder of millions of babies since Roe has had a profound impact on the demographics of the United States.

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood
It s official in Texas, as Governor Rick Perry, a pro-life Republican, on Monday ceremonially signed SB 7, a health care measure containing language that would revoke the taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

The governor was joined by Sen. Jane Nelson and Rep. John Zerwas at the signing ceremony.

This will defund Planned Parenthood, stop taxpayer funding of elective abortions, and regulate adult stem cell research in Texas, says Texas Alliance for Life.

The passage of the measure came after a legislative setback, when the Texas House of Representatives could not hold session because there was not a quorum. Legislators in the House were supposed to consider Senate Bill 7, a bill that, if passed, will defund Planned Parenthood of $34 million or more over the next two years.

Senate Bill 7, authored by Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) and Rep. John Zerwas (R-Simonton), has three significant pro-life provisions strongly supported by Texas Alliance for Life and leading pro-life organizations and individuals.

The first defunds Planned Parenthood of $34 million or more. Another provision, by Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Nacogdoches), prevents local tax funding for elective abortions by hospital districts, including Travis County s Central Health. The third, by Rep. Rick Hardcastle (R-Vernon), allows the state to regulate autologous adult stem cell banks and encourage more live-saving treatments using adult, not embryonic, stem cells.

IOM Obamacare Decision Wrongly Assumes Pregnancy a Disease
A good friend and pro-life OB-GYN physician once told me of a sign posted in the residency offices of a prominent teaching hospital in Washington. It simply read, Stamp out Pregnancy.

Today the government moved closer to that omen with the Institute of Medicine s recommendation that women should be able to receive contraceptives and sterilization procedures free under their personal and employee health care plan. The full range of Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilizations procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity. (Recommendation 5.5)

This recommendation was presented to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in a list of preventative health care services for women which should be covered without reimbursement in new health plans under the federal health reform law (ObamaCare). HHS is expected to announce its final ruling in August of this year.

Preventative services in traditional medicine include: blood pressure and cholesterol screening; counseling on obesity and tobacco cessation; routine immunizations; diabetes, cancer, and sexually transmitted infection screenings; and so on. These services emphasize the prevention of serious illness and/or disease. Such prevention can provide an early warning for subsequent successful treatment of illness or disease. Such services have no side effects.

Contraception does not fall within the category of preventative health services. These drugs, devices, and procedures prevent the bringing of children into the world. Contraception only prevents disease or serious illness if one considers pregnancy to be a disease or serious illness. Pregnancy is not an illness or disease, nor are children the side effect or the unintended by-product of disease.

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Anti-Choice a Dishonest, Inaccurate Term in Abortion Debate
Planned Parenthood and others in the pro-abortion lobby love to label pro-life advocates as anti-choice . This label isn t only ambiguous it s dishonest.

Let me explain:

The reason why I oppose the choice of human fetal abortion is not because I oppose choices; it is because they oppose a specific choice human abortion. If one opposes the choice of a man to hit his wife, is that person anti-choice ? Of course not. The essence of opposing the choice of a man to hit his wife stems from an opposition to violence, not an opposition to choices. Likewise, the essence of opposition to human abortion is not an opposition to choices, but an opposition to killing human life.

By definition, someone who is anti-choice would be opposed to ALL choices whether they be about feticide, stealing, or eating food.

Planned Parenthood Hits Snag in Opening New California Center
The Planned Parenthood abortion business is running into problems with its plan to open up a new facility in Redwood City, California, as a parking dispute has the city putting on hold the expansion.

The new center will not do surgical abortions but will do abortions with the dangerous abortion drug that has killed dozens of women worldwide, 14 in the United States (including one woman in San Francisco), and has injured at least 2,200 women in the United Sates alone as of April 2011 FDA figures. Pro-life advocates in the Bay Area area are working to stop the Planned Parenthood abortion business from opening up a new center and a dispute over parking is working so far.

Redwood City officials have already signed off on the new center, but the Palo Alto Daily News indicates the city s planning department sent a letter Tuesday saying it has amended the permit issued allowing it to open the abortion business at 2890 El Camino Real. Planned Parenthood had initially obtained an agreement from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car company across the street for it to provide the center with the additional parking necessary to meet city requirements as the location only has 18 of the 27 spaces the city requires for the facility.

Democrats Are Pro-Choice on Abortion, But Little Else
The age-old mantra of supporting choice rather than abortion has been one that has frustrated pro-life advocates for years as if destroying the life of a human being is a choice on the same moral level as what dinner entree to select at a restaurant.

Deroy Murdock, a Scripps Howard News Service columnist and fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has a new opinion column pointing out the hypocrisy of this thinking.

Murdock ticks off a couple of recent legislative items in Congress to show the duplicity of this pro-choice stance supporting choice on abortion but not on other political topics. Murdock s conclusion is right on: choice is merely a code phrase that is used to make the appearance of supporting unlimited abortion on demand not look so bad.

Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Backs Candidates in August Recall
Former Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline is back for the second part of hearings on politically-motivated charges that he acted improperly during his investigations of abortion clinics.

Kansas: Kline Says Grand Jury Killed Case Against Abortion Biz
Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover appeared on the O Reilly Factor and encouraged the Republican Party to drop its long-standing pro-life views for fear of losing potential connections with the next generation of voters. However, Hoover ignores polling data showing millenials hold the strongest pro-life views.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions
Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law today that would ban late-term abortions in the Buckeye State after the state legislature approved it on a lopsided bipartisan vote. This legislation will ban post-viability abortions except when the pregnant woman s life is in danger.

Adult Stem Cells Helping Patients With Scleroderma Skin Disease
Dr. Richard Burt and colleagues at Northwestern University have just published a new study in The Lancet that provides more evidence for the success of adult stem cell transplant in treating system sclerosis (scleroderma).

Minnesota Pro-Life Rep. Cravaack Gets Pro-Abortion Challenger
Former Congressman Richard Nolan announced his candidacy for Congress in the 8th Congressional District this morning. Nolan made no mention of the abortion issue in his announcement and there is no mention of the issue on his website.


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